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I am a former Illustration student who finished her Master degree and is now looking to take her love for art further. I hope to someday...


My own website!

Hey everyone!…

Been a long time since I updated here. I wish I had any art to show you, but sadly I don’t. Things have been a bit busy with my placements. I’m studying to be an art teacher, and it’s taking up so much of my time that I don’t really have the time myself to draw, heh. But it’s fine, I think I’m taking this time to hopefully regain some inspiration and motivation, so that in the future, when I graduate, I can start drawing again. =)

But that’s not what this journal is about. This journal is about my own website, which I painstakingly put together, not knowing anything about webdesign or webcoding. It’s a really basic and plain site, but I think it does its job. I launched it this week, and you can go and check it out here.

Hope everyone is well! Sorry if I haven’t replied to y

Diploma + Etsy store

Hey everyone! Just to let you all know I finally got my Master Degree! I can now call myself Master in Graphic Design. Yay! =D
It’s been a long and difficult four years, but I’m happy I did it all. Now the next step is teacher training, the studying never ends haha. =)

For anyone interested, I uploaded a digital file of my book on my blog, which means you can flip through all the pages of the book and read it. Sadly the text is in Dutch, so unless you speak Dutch, the text won’t mean much to you heh. But you can still look at the images. =P

Lastly, I set up my Etsy store, yay! At the moment there’s not that much in there yet, but I’m hoping to put in more items/drawings/prints at some point. So feel free to browse through my store. =)

Busy busy busy!

First of all, even though I’m late: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday period and some nice celebrations with your loved ones. =)

I have recently been very busy with assignments and studying (my first exam is tomorrow, eep!), which explains my lack of activity here on RedBubble. Sadly this will continue for at least another two or three weeks, while I try to succeed on my exams and finish some more assignments.

So since I haven’t had the time to be on here much, I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and for adding my images to their favourites. It’s really very much appreciated and still puts a big smile on my face! So thank you! =D

And now I return to my studying, haha.
scurries off

School ends!

So yes, school is over! I finally got my grades today, and I passed all my subjects! Hooray for me! =D…

Summer holiday can finally start. Well it already started Monday, but I’ve been sick since then and have spent most of my time in bed. Seems I have a viral infection on my throat (which is extremely sore) and an infection on my jaw (the parts near the ear, where it connects to the skull… yeah I hadn’t heard of this before). I can barely hear through my ears, my nose is absolutely stuffed (and my skin there is all painful because I need to keep cleaning my nose, ewww), leading to a constant headache, as well as a very annoying cough. Oh, and I don’t have enough iron in my body so I need to take pills for that as well. Wheeee. =P

So yeah, I was hoping to be drawing already by now, but I re

Two more shirts sold =)

Haha, I know you don’t all want to hear about what I sell when, and I won’t be bothering you with this anymore after this post. But I wanted to thank someone.…

I sold one shirt (the bee one) to a mystery buyer, who I would like to thank this way.

The second one however I sold to Aimless, who purchased the Hot Chocolate shirt as a present for someone. I want to thank him for buying my shirt. Also, you should all go check out his gallery. He has only posted a couple of written works, but I like them and I figured maybe you would like them too. If you do, go tell him to write more, because I don’t think he will listen to me anymore. =P

You can visit his gallery here

Also for anyone interested, my classes are over and my assignments are handed in. So all I still have left to do now is finish m

Hot Chocolate shirt sold! =D

So it appears someone bought a shirt of me, namely the Hot Chocolate 2 one in red! =D

A biiiiiiiiiiig thank you to the mystery buyer! =)

And for anyone interested in my “personal” life: today I had my last class of the year! Now it’s only a month until school is finally over. One week left to hand in all my assignments (I still need to do a ton of work on those; no sleep for me! =P ), then three weeks for my exams.
Already got one grade back on a paper for my Sociology class (was a groupswork paper, and accounts for about 1/5th of our end grade); we ended up getting 43/60, the best grade out of all groups. Yay! =D

I hope everyone is doing well, and I also hope I can finally get back to RedBubble with some art once this is all over. =)

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