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I am a former Illustration student who finished her Master degree and is now looking to take her love for art further. I hope to someday...


Free shipping on shirts today

So thanks to Anita I found out that you can get free shipping if you buy a shirt, simply by putting in the code FREEPAUL when checking out.

No need to buy multiple shirts for this promotion. Only thing is that it will end soon, midnight of the 28th if I’m right (I might be wrong, I don’t know). You can find out when checking out to see if the code still works. =)

Thank you!

I know I’m a bit late, but I was on holiday in Spain with not really much of an internet connection. So now I want to thank everyone for their support and for voting for me in the Music Machines challenge!

I never imagined I would make the top 20, let alone get the most votes for my Robot DJ entry! So thank you very much everyone for your support! And also a big thank you for supporting my friends as well, two of them got into the top 20 as well! =D

Lots of love to you all! =)

Music Machines - Robot DJ needs your support!

Hi everyone!
The latest RedBubble challenge, Music Machines, is currently accepting votes! And of course I would love it and really appreciate it if my Robot DJ got a few votes!

So if you are wanting to help out, and you think my entry is good enough for this challenge, you can vote for me right here!

I’d also like to note that you can vote for more than one entry. My friend Mimmam also sent in an entry, as did two friends from a forum. Goaferboy’s Soundroid and Tom Clancy’s Record’Cycle. So if you like them, don’t forget you can vote for them too!

Where is Ine?

Heh, I figured it had been a while since I last posted anything on here, so I thought it would be best to explain why that is. =P…

The last two months or so (well actually since Easter) I have been really busy with school, finishing assignments, writing papers and studying for exams. It was a lot of hard work but I managed to get through it all. On Friday I will know my grades and hopefully receive my Bachelor’s degree. =)

Other than that, I’ve also been having some health issues. At the end of April I started having some weird pain in my leg, which prevented me from walking properly. After quite a few doctor visits and pictures and scans taken, they noticed I had an infection (abscess) on part of my bone… which was dead. Yes, dead bone. We have no idea how I got that but yeah.

They put me

Thank you everyone!

For those who don’t know, RedBubble recently held the Sound Challenge, in which everyone could submit a shirt. I submitted my Whistle Boy shirt, but thought I probably wouldn’t really get very far, as there were so many great entries.…

But then I made it to the top twenty thanks to everyone’s votes (again, thank you to everyone who voted for me!). And still I didn’t think I’d actually make a chance of winning this. Until I found a bubblemail in my inbox (from the great Jazzyjane) congratulating me for winning. =P

So yes, I was announced the winner in this competition. I’m absolutely thrilled that I was picked, and so I’d like to thank everyone who supported me, RedBubble for having contests like this one and of course Demo for working with RedBubble and for picking my design. =)
If you want

Sound Challenge

Hi everyone!

First I want to say that I passed my exams with some really nice grades! Studying hard really paid off! =)

Now, you’ve probably all heard about RedBubble’s Sound challenge, which is focused on sound and music. And the winner will get his/her shirts sold in store called Demo in London.

I entered one of my shirts as well, namely the Whistle Boy one. And of course, I would be really really happy and grateful if you could vote for me in this challenge. =)

You can click here to vote for my shirt.

(at least I hope that link leads to my entry…)

Thanks everyone! =D

Busy busy busy!

First of all, even though I’m late: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday period and some nice celebrations with your loved ones. =)

I have recently been very busy with assignments and studying (my first exam is tomorrow, eep!), which explains my lack of activity here on RedBubble. Sadly this will continue for at least another two or three weeks, while I try to succeed on my exams and finish some more assignments.

So since I haven’t had the time to be on here much, I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and for adding my images to their favourites. It’s really very much appreciated and still puts a big smile on my face! So thank you! =D

And now I return to my studying, haha.
scurries off

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