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Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I am a former Illustration student who finished her Master degree and is now looking to take her love for art further. I hope to someday...

My own website!

Hey everyone!

Been a long time since I updated here. I wish I had any art to show you, but sadly I don’t. Things have been a bit busy with my placements. I’m studying to be an art teacher, and it’s taking up so much of my time that I don’t really have the time myself to draw, heh. But it’s fine, I think I’m taking this time to hopefully regain some inspiration and motivation, so that in the future, when I graduate, I can start drawing again. =)

But that’s not what this journal is about. This journal is about my own website, which I painstakingly put together, not knowing anything about webdesign or webcoding. It’s a really basic and plain site, but I think it does its job. I launched it this week, and you can go and check it out here.

Hope everyone is well! Sorry if I haven’t replied to your comments or bubblemails! I simply haven’t had the time to keep up with it all. Hope you can forgive me for that. =)

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