Ine Spee

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I am a former Illustration student who finished her Master degree and is now looking to take her love for art further. I hope to someday...

New and loving it already!


I stumbled upon this site yesterday (or two days ago now, as it’s just past midnight) and thought it looked like a really nice and friendly place, so I let myself stroll through the sign up process to arrive where I am now. Right here, writing this journal on what seems to be a site I will love very much.

I uploaded some of my art to see how everything works, and I’ve already gotten comments and favourites, something I wasn’t expecting at all. So thank you very much everyone, for giving me such a nice and warm welcome.
Now all I have to do is figure out how everything works, upload some more work and then start on my journey through the art here.

There will be many hours of my life spent here, I can feel it already!
And I’m sure I’ll love every minute of it.

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