Ine Spee

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I am a former Illustration student who finished her Master degree and is now looking to take her love for art further. I hope to someday...


Life feels a bit messed up at the moment.

This morning I found one of my cats, dead. Hit by a car last night apparently. Was horrible to see her laying there on the side of the road. I will miss her so very much. We picked her up from the street as a kitten who was dirty and abandoned. She was very affectionate and the buddy of our dog. =(

Also, just heard that one of my uncles got stabbed in his arm last night. Happened outside on the street. Luckily it was just his arm, but still, that’s just messed up.

And my grandpa is currently in the hospital after a surgery on his knee. He’s doing okay at the moment, but I’m afraid he might get even more depressed than he already was (after grandma died over a year ago).

Sorry, just felt like I had to write this down somewhere. It’s just that I hadn’t been feeling very happy recently, and then this all happens on top of it… So I’m currently not a very happy person. =(

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