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CocoRosie (and more)

Hey fellow Bubblers!

I recently (this week) discovered a new cool site: Squidoo. I’m not sure if you know about it yet, but I didn’t. It allows the user to make a “lens” (a page) about pretty much any subject they like. So I decided I would make one too.

I ended up making one for CocoRosie, one of my favourite bands at the moment. I want to show their music to more people, since I think they deserve more attention than they have been getting. Their music is pretty unique and could probably be classed as weird, but if you listen to it a few times, you might start to love it as much as I do! =D

If you want to check them out, you can visit my lens here. There are links to Youtube videos of their songs on this page.
Let me know what you think of them (you can vote or leave a message on my lens). =)

I also set up a lens for my own stuff, but that one is still unfinished. I will be adding more information soon about different materials you can use, as well as a list of professional illustrators.
You can visit it here

Other than that, I want to thank the mystery buyers from this week, who bought some of my shirts and two cards. Thank you very much! =D

Now back to study! =P

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