Drunk Driving In America

: I ‘am writing you with my concerns over the new D.U.I. bill that many of our leaders think is great. And it is the same old bills that they love because it actually will solve nothing. It solves nothing because of the simple fact that the system of breathalyzers and interlock systems have successfully been bypassed. And they can also say to me once again we have tried all that we could. It is a good bill maybe for M.A.D.D. because someone is going to have to make all these things and it puts people in employment and jobs. It is also good because then they can still take in that precious revenue that the drunk driver brings in. And it also keeps the good charitable M.A.D.D. still in business. Their mission statement says a lot about them I will attach it.
In 1992, MADD adopted a more simplified mission statement, which was “The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving and support the victims of this violent crime.
By 1999, MADD had greatly expanded its work on preventing underage drinking and emerging research underscored our efforts to prevent youth alcohol use. MADD’s efforts in this area were also encouraged and supported by the government, corporations, educators, the media and public. The mission statement was officially changed to make preventing underage drinking a free-standing prong of the mission. The updated mission, which continues to guide the organization today, read “The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking. One question remains very clear and that is this. How do you stop drunk driving by putting band-aids on that problem and letting the repeat offender still drive? Obviously if they actually stopped Drunk Driving where would M.A.D.D. be today and its top paying C.E.O.’s?
You know everyone likes bringing that wall out every year where the names of the victim’s of drunk driving are on it. To the families that lost a loved one it is a wall of respect but to the ones that actually could have stopped the names from going on that wall year after year it is a wall of SHAME. The new bill does not surprise me. Because I received a letter a while back from a representative. This I will attach for you to read and contemplate on what he said in his letter to me. I left his name out because it is not important and here it is.
Dear Edwin:

I am in receipt of your recent e-mail listing a number of social issues that need the attention of public officials.

I agree with you on the issue of drunk drivers who, too often, are involved in taking the life of an innocent person.

I have introduced legislation in an attempt to reduce the number of innocent victims. It is House Bill 2019. A first-time DUI involved in a serious accident, would be subject to the ignition interlock . Under current law, the ignition interlock is not applied until the second DUI.

Presently, House Bill 2019 is in the House Transportation Committee.

One question How Many times and how many accidents are our leaders willing to let that drunk driver to keep on killing and injuring? Apparently forever or maybe until they kill someone of importance, and then maybe still they would hand them back that driver’s license.

I could say a lot more but it would do no good. I want you to convey to Honorable Ms. Baker my disappointment in this new law and my reasons. The day of putting band-aids on this problem while leaving her family and mine open targets for that drunk driver should never be. All for profit, revenue and supporting different agencies with charitable donations so they can say they tried!

I like to take the time to show my appreciation to Honorable Ms. Baker on the recent legislation she sponsored, and the Governor signed into law. She is to be commended for the fact that a lot of oversights and improperly funding or no funding in our judicial or law enforcement agencies on any child homicide case hopefully will be remedied. When little or no investigation goes on to a child that is hurt or killed by another because of funding or support it should become an issue. That child could be one of yours or mine and our family should try harder and ask their leaders for change, so it never happens again. But then again it is far too late if you have lost that family member, but you stride to help maybe the next child so that family will not have to face the issues that you have already faced. I want to share with you a letter that I received from one of our Representatives in Pennsylvania. And he is on the board Liquor Control in Pennsylvania. He states to me after I proposed a tax on all alcohol to support and fund the Dram Shop Act, and the giving back of the driver’s privilege to the repeat offender numerous times, besides sending them to some sort of driver’s training school. The tax he states are follows on alcohol this is present day tax right now. A 6% sales tax which is applied to the sale of alcohol. Well that is a given is it not? An 18% tax which is applied through the Johnstown Flood Act? Johnstown Flood happened back in 1936 without being too funny about this tax. With all the revenue that they collected from 1936 to present shouldn’t Johnstown be our capitol? What is the money actually being used for? Ads on television against drinking and driving? The next statement is this all the state stores have a mark up of 30% on alcohol. I ‘am not being disrespectful to the Honorable Representative I just want his honesty. The next statement is a little off base since it does not happen in Pennsylvania. Probably it never will because of the vast amount of revenue, profit, and jobs that alcohol and its many crimes commit each day. The Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement ( BLCE) is an arm of the Pennsylvania State Police charged solely with the responsibility of conducting investigations, through undercover operations or open investigations, of licensed and unlicensed premises in the Commonwealth. Liquor Enforcement Officers have the power to arrest. On view, without a warrant, any person having unlawful possession of, engaged in the unlawful sale of, importation, manufacture or transportation of alcohol in the Commonwealth. The BLCE is funded through monies collected by the LCB through the sale of alcohol.
Can you just imagine if this was true then there would be no trouble with drunk driver’s or the bars and premises that they patronize? Try to get any comments from a bar owner or bar tender that he or she gave a knowingly drunk person another drink after that person left that bar and killed 5 members of your family by vehicle. Matter of fact try and get anyone in that same bar to be a witness to that fact. And also try and set up sting operations on a bar that is constantly sending out their patrons fully drunk knowing that they also had to drive to that same bar. All for the name of profit. We have many laws in Pennsylvania to protect the investment of drunk driving and I can name a lot of them. We have many organizations that protect that drunk driver and the profit. We have little to protect the innocent ones that will meet that drunk driver on our roads today. We even give that privilege to drive back to them even after they have murdered your family or mine. I want to invite you and Honorable Ms. Baker to my two web sites and I do have more pictures of my only grand-daughter that I recently put on. And also her favorite song from Little Orphan Annie and it is called Tomorrow. Her tomorrow’s did not happen because of the evil that we convey and call it good. My recent letter to all the Senate and the House is on there also

Drunk Driving In America


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This Poem was wrote by me and sent to my leaders in Pennsylvania.
When Will You Stand?

I kneel beside the little grave, of a little girl 5 years old.
Just another victim of a D.U.I. crime I ‘am told.
Can it be that justice is always incomplete?
And can it be life is just so bitter-sweet?

I search for those answers and there seem to be none.
And I feel that my life here is far from being done.
For a Murder is a murder so I ‘am told
And life is not a commodity, just to be bought and sold.

Many doors were open and now are shut.
For me just to leave wounded, bleeding and cut.
Many leaders can not agree on just one thing.
Where is justice? And please let freedom ring.

Is justice just only for the rich?
To leave your family dying in a ditch?
What will happen when I die and we shall meet?
Shall I still be sitting at God’s feet?

Is justice blind and can not possibly see.
Or has it just eluded me?
We certainly are a mixed and diverse people
But pray and worship under God’s great steeple.

To collect revenue and taxes under this one crime?
Or to give drunk drivers the proper time?
Questions arise as they should.
But really are you doing any good?

Yes questions arise and still I say?
Why was it important for her to die today?
God does not reveal his secret ways.
And Murder is Murder, I hear my own father say.

To die by another’s drunk driving hand.
Still that one question remains in this great land.
And even so I ‘am just one man.
And just when are you going to take a stand?

Will it be enough? Or will it be far too late?
Or one of your own, outside Heaven’s Gate?

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