Oh arg! School is annoying and time consuming!

Its true though, school is annoying and time consuming and is the reason why i have not been writing or comming on here all that much (at all !)recently. Well. . actually i havent felt like doing anything much lately, except for drag myself out to school in the morning, come home at four, stare at some books for a few hours (i think they call it studying!) then go to bed. .
See, for the past five years school was more or less at the bottom of my priority list. . heck it wasnt even on the list! It was annoying but definately not time consuming! I saw everyone else with their neat folders and taking notes and handing up homework. . i was lucky if i remembered to bring a pen!
But now, im almost eighteen and in my final year of school and going through a bit of a reality check. im realising that i you want something in life it wont jut get handed to you. . you have to work for it. . but, i guess , i was afraid to work for it, i was afraid of failing. i figured, well if i dont try then when i do badly, it wont really be failing.
. . but man do i regret it!
I want to go to film college . .so damn badly, but i dont stand a chance. it doesnt matter how good my portfolio is. . if i dont do averegly well in my massive end of year exams, they wont even consider accepting me. .
so anyway, long story short, i am now working like crazy to catch up on about four years work in seven subjects! But to be honest. . it just feels pointless. . not to be negative or anything . . but im going to fail! And i have no one to blame but myself. .

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