Driving= stressful

Man driving is stressfull!!
I just got back from my second ever driving lesson and am very fortunate to stil be here to write this. . yes, it was that bad!
I was way too tense (well thats what i like to blame it on anyway!) and broke way too. . em . . sharply, always turned left when my driving instructor clearly stated right, and totally freaked out when any sort of a moving object (it could of been a car, i closed my eyes) came anywhere near to the road!
Though, to be fair my instructor could be a little more. . helpful. She is young and pretty and spends half the time either on her cell phone, applying lip gloss or fiddling with the air coditioning. Anything except for instruct basically! The only times she graces me with her expertise driving wisdom is when she informs me that im driving on the wrong side of the road, or that perhaps i should adjust my seat alittle.

Still. My next lesson is in a week. . plenty of time to practise. . or find a new drining instructor. . or buy a bicycle!

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