Long time, No entry.

Gosh, it sure has been a while! so, i shall ramble about whats been going on in my life lately. Well, i am studyin photography at Saint Johns Central College, Cork and i am loving it. i have also moved out of home and into a two bedroom apartment with me best friend in the city and. . i miss free internet and the countryside! But other than that its fantastic, well apart from the noise from the million nightclubs on my street and the people in the apartment above constantly moving furniture around or something equally as noisy!
So anyway, my course! its great, really intensive and we work mostly in film and develop al our own stuff, which is just the most amazing experience ever. i mean, before i was completely into digital but now i find it hard to switch back over(we do studio stuff aswell so i have to) So i hope to upload some of my recent work some time soon, when i am near a scanner.
But yeah. . basically, it feels so great doing what you love everyday. . i think thats what we all want really,to get up every morning and take a deep breath of life without wanting to cough. (metaphorically speaking. . though possibly its not a very good metaphor. . ill try and think of a better one!)

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