The Winter Madness!

Whew! The madness is over we get to relax now.
Two weeks of running around trying to get various presents and goodies (that we all know are going to be out of stock).
Followed by another week of trying to look happy as you open yet another gift pack of bath products (are they trying to tell me something?) I’m gonna bathe ‘til Easter with this lot!
Charging from house to house as we give the in-laws and friends things that they neither need or desire and getting the same back. (What Slippers again Granny?)
Fighting with instructions and plastic pieces that don’t want to go together! That would be Mousetrap being thrown across the room by a frustrated husband!
Trying to give children meals they don’t like (brussel sprouts and turkey)
and have no appetite for (too many chocolate/candy/buscuit/sweets/cheese crackers/crisps/chips – delete as necessary for your house)
Lots of parties to attend – mostly for the children. this year I had to 4 wild, very loud children’s parties! And one very sedate, boring office party for me! (why don’t we get to play the Hokey Kokey and the Conga?)
So, forgive me now but I have to go and dose the dog up ready for the fireworks tonight (New Year’s Eve – remember the time difference here in the UK) so she doesn’t poop all over the kitchen floor in fright.
I’ll be so glad when things are back to normal – kids in school, me in work; that’s school too (Teacher’s assistant)
Then I can start saving up and panicking about Summer Holidays!
Let the Summer Madness begin!

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