Part 1
I lay amid the satin sheets of my bed.
My eyes eclectic, whilst thoughts of you meander throughout my head.
I gaze up at the ceiling of my room.
A silhouette passes by my window,
and I become vigilant.

I sit upright up in my bed.
My curls clings to my timid visage,
while the black sheets fuse to my sultry body.
My pillow damp from a mixture of tears and sweat.

In one elegant motion,
I lower my feet to the floor
and rise from my bed.
I quiver.
Whether from alarm or the chill,
I do not know.
I swathe my arms around my frail cadaver.

With little luminosity in the room,
I reach into a drawer and silently pull out a petite lustrous dagger.
I make my way towards the glass window,
cautious not to make a sound.

I reach out my arm to remove the shade.
Unexpectedly, there is a crash that sends my body into a panic.
I jerk my head,
and stop my hand from moving the curtain.

I amble towards my door,
trepidation entirely overtaking me.
I open my door,
and I leisurely walk down the hallway.
The floorboards hardly creek under my lightness.

I look out a window overlooking my barn.
I glance around the dirt road leading to the doors of my barn.
I was ready to go back to bed,
Telling myself I was just seeing things.
I took one last glance out the window.
Suddenly, a figure popped up from the shadows.

His eyes glow red, and his teeth gleamed while he smiled.
I jerked myself away from the window.
He punched his fist through the glass.
His long claw like fingers curled around his hands.
I screamed and fell backwards.
Scrambling to get furthePart 2

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the girls face
when I popped up in front of her window.
The look on her face after I broke it gave me…excitement.
After I had scared her half to death,
I was sure that she wouldn’t come outside.
Unfortunately, I underestimated her bravery.

As I made my way towards the barn doors,
I could smell their horror,
I could see their faces covered in pity.

Begging me for mercy.

I pushed the doors just enough that I could slip through,
and than slid them taut.
I turned around, and all the horses heads peered over the stall doors
as if to greet me.
I laughed,
and all their ears perked up at the sudden noise.

Apparently my laugh wasn’t that of a normal humans,
but I wasn’t a normal human so why would I be like…like them?
My smile disappeared when I remembered how life
was before I had become this…thing,
this monster.

I shifted my head back and forth,
tired and wanting to get the game going.

I shuddered.
I didn’t want to remember what it was like.
I d idn’t want to remember
what it was like to have somebody in your life actually love you.

After all, that was the worst part about being human.
You have strong emotions.
I’m not talking about anger or happiness.
I’m talking about the feeling of love.
Depression and sadness.
I shook my head free of the “human days”
and returned to the present.
I’m not human any more, so don’t think like one.
I told myself.

I started to walk down the aisle way.
Of course my hunch back made simple things
like walking difficult.
But that was a small price to pay for the life that I live now.
I was about the middle of the aisle way of row one
when I saw one horse that hadn’t shied away from me
as the other’s had.

You fool. You smart, teasing fool!
I thought.
If only you weren’t so pretty, I’d eat you.
I glared at the horse,
and moved on.

I was almost at the end of row two,
when I heard the doors opening again.
I froze,
I didn’t dare move a muscle.

I crouched low,
and I saw the girl cautiously wandering down the walkway.
I smiled.
This is going to be easier than I thought.
I decided to toy with her a little.

I crawled over into an empty stall,
and leaped from the floor to the ceiling.
Hiding in the darkness,
I watched on her,
I preyed on her.

I sat in the top right hand corner of the stall.
The girl finally rounded the end of the row.
She glanced down row two.
Each row had at least a dozen stalls on each side.
Just for the enjoyment,
I decided to lock all the exits with a loud noise.

The blonde girl jumped,
and looked around in a fearful manner.
She raised her sword,
As though she was saying “come and get me, I’m ready for you.”
My smile disappeared, and I almost felt sorry for her.
I’m not human any more!
I screamed to myself in my mind.

I rolled my eyes at myself,
and slithered into a stall.
The horse started to become a little anxious.

Great, now I can really get her attention.
Really get her nerves going.
Why am I trying to get the advantage? I already have a big one on her.
She’s only human, I am…wait, what am I exactly? Superhuman?
There I go again, talking to myself.

Out of everything in the barn,
The scent of roses found my nose.
I took a deep breath of the scent.
My mind went spinning.
To get my head out of the clouds,
I bite my arm.
My black liquid started to bead up.

I smile,
and begin the real fun



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