The experience of being in the Zone Of Totality on August 21, 2017 will be a life changing memory that you will never regret seeing. If you are planning to go to work that day, change your plans, take your kids out of school, pack up the car and the family and head to the nearest point on the eclipse pathway where your family can witness and experience this spectacular event. It will be a long term memory of one of the most fun and spectacular events you took them to for your kids that will not be forgotten. There are times to take your kids out of school and this is one of them because what they gain from the experience will far outweigh what they might learn in school that day. Become an Ecliptomaniac and take whatever extraordinary measures you have to take to be in the pathway of total darkness when the Great American Eclipse passes by your nearest point. This will be the family experience of your lifetime in terms of all of you mutually immersing yourselves simultaneosly in a mind blowing, eye opening rush of emotions and joy in the wonder of this rare event.

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