Learning and Sharing

Have you ever had the desire to share every little detail you have ever learned in your life? Not just mathematics, nor reading, writing, geography or history. I mean the things that are important for survival. Like where to go to apply for food stamps, or how to apply for disability, or even what qualifies as being disabled. Finding affordable housing, ways to earn money with what you know and love to do. I’ve never been able to hold a job for more then a month. I’ve tried working every day since I turned 16, and every month I was out looking for a new one. I have a bad case of depression, mixed with a heavy dose of ‘racing thoughts’ anxiety, then throw in the inability to sleep half the time. What a mess. The racing thoughts have always been the same thing; bettering my life in some way by helping others do the same. Opening a school for high school kids who have had to drop out where they can work, get paid and Learn. Teaching life lessons to kids through my childrens books. Trying to help every Tom, Dick and Harry who’s ever come crying to my door. And I have learned alot from these experiences; people use you for nothing more then their own personal gain. But at least I gained that knowledge. In some way, I gained though that wasn’t their intention.

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