When You Say Bestfriends. 1

‘When you say best friends, it means forever.’ Tears fell over Drake’s scrunched up red cheeks, ‘when you say that … remember why this happened, the ties you severed.’ More tears dripped off his chin. ‘You made me want to kill you, the way only a best friend could, but I can’t!’ Coughing through the sobs Drake stared down at the gun he held shaking in his hands. It was cocked and ready to fire, but he couldn’t pull the trigger when it was pointed at Blake’s head, his nose bleeding and lip bloody, dripping little red droplets on the white tiles. ‘I…I…I.’ Drake stuttered all the pain gushing out through his eyes in liquid trails. ‘I loved you!’ He screamed, gun hand flying through the air as a resounding bang echoed through the bathroom and Drake fell backwards like slow motion, blood spraying through the open air with his tears, sailing from his open eyes, Blake screamed in agony.1

Three Days Ago.2

‘Ugh!’ Panting Blake ran a hand across his forehead, removing the beads of sweat that had collected there through the fuss with Drake. Turning around he did up the buckle of his skinny leg jeans, a smile teasing the corner of his thin lips as he watched Drake do the same hurriedly tucking his school shirt into the rim of his pants. He poked his head sheepishly outside the cubicle door and slipped out. Five minutes later Blake followed after him and met him down the hall at the drinking taps. It wouldn’t pay for them to get caught coming out of the toilets together, people already suspected their choice in sexuality and for that they got a mouthful and a fistful from the other boys who were severe cases of Homophobia. 3

Sighing Drake looked down at his crotch, he was still a little hard and wanted to force Blake back in to the toilets again to rape him, but that was out of the question. The little rumble they had just engaged in then had been risky enough for them being at school, let alone a second round. People would get suspicious, parents would be called, beatings would be handed out, best friends would be torn apart … and then there would be Blake’s undying sense of popularity with the girls. It made Drake insanely jealous the way they would hang from his pretty girl frame shoulders and twirl his shiny brown hair around their fingers, closer to his face then they ever should be. Oh if they only knew … Drake smirked.4

‘What are you smirking at?’ Blake mused, fiddling with his belt buckle mindlessly; casting a cool smile at an eighth year walking past with downcast eyes that kept creeping up for a side glance, when she saw the smile directed her way she went beet red and ran off giggling. ‘Cute things they are.’ Blake smiled softly and stared off into the sun outside the window beside the drinking tap, he seemed vain sometimes, the way he abused his popularity, but it was way of high school was it not? He thought.5

‘Oh just at your smug little secret.’ More like I want to rape you violently in the toilet and confess my undying love for you, Drake thought to himself. Moving around the drinking tap he leaned in closely to Blake and let his lips brush against his cheek. ‘That smile was just an infatuation wasn’t it Blake? Not changing sides of the rainbow now are we?’ Drake a slid a hand up Blake’s thigh and pulled away, walking away from him down the hall, sending back a cheeky smile. 6

That pale face, messy dark hair and plump red lips, it all came together in a perfect package for Blake. He was mesmerized in Drake’s smile and petite features as he walked away, that cheeky smile speaking so many things. Blake was horribly hooked; there was no way he could shake free of this line. Stepping around the drinking machine he never took his eyes off Drake’s retreating back, he wanted to run after him and make his face look at him again, to see the smile and look in his eyes. But the bell rang, somewhere far off in the distance of his side tracked mind, and people doing the right thing and attending class came pouring from the classrooms and Blake was lost within the crowd of student’s heading off to next period. Peering above the mill of heads and fashionable hairstyles he had lost Drake’s bobbing sluggishly down the hall. Crestfallen he headed to class fighting the images that threatened to rise a hard on his pants.7

With a large, hearty sigh Drake leaned against the lockers and closed his eyes, flashbacks of pummelling Blake’s ass making him sweat with anticipation. He wanted to be alone with him for a whole night, uninterrupted so they could share themselves, investigate and explore, talk and discuss things. It drove him mad the way they seemed never able to be alone, they had been best friends since birth, and they had had plenty of alone time between then and now, but all of a sudden it seemed impossible just to have five minutes. Plus it didn’t help the way Blake’s drop dead killer looks drew attention of any girl with a sex drive or the wish to have one. That bothered Drake most, the way they clung to him and used him and wanted to have him inside them. Didn’t they know he was his? Would they ever know? Looking down at his old weathered Converse shoes, Drake felt a tear run down his cheek. Staring at the clock he waited for the bell to ring and for the hall to fill with students before he left the school grounds, he was too sad and sidetracked to deal with class right now. After he would try and get Blake alone.

When You Say Bestfriends. 1


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