I know! That's alot of car photographs I'm taking!

Yes, I am usually taking photographs of flowers, horses, landscapes, abstracts, and such, but recently I’ve been asked to take detail shots of antique cars that are going to be sold. They wanted emblems, tires, lamps, radios, all the things a bidder might want to see before making that decision to buy a plane ticket to look in person.

What I found surprising with this photo shoot, is that those antique cars have lines, details, curves, that lend quite well to photography. They are quite beautiful! I was granted permission to use these photos to show as my work, so now I’m in a post frenzy. Want to see what the whole car looks like? Stop over at the Mapes Classic Cars website to view some full-sized photographs. They are still under construction and haven’t put my detail photographs up just yet, but it’ll be soon!

I’ll be back to my flowers, horses, abstracts, and landscapes soon, to be sure!

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