Continued from ... For The Love Of Tika

I posted a story with a picture. I wrote too much. Here is the remainder of my story from For The Love Of Tika.

Any and all sales from my meager works will go to Tika’s medications, vet bills, tests, etc… and finally a permit that will allow us to bury her at home. I own my own home business and am disabled. My son got laid off and employment in our welfare town isn’t happening. Moneys tight these days, then again, isn’t it for everyone? My son and I have a total of 11 animals. Most of them are animals that were strays, cast offs, taken in etc…, with the exception of Kola, Tika’s brother and a black cocker spaniel.

As I type this she is comfortably sleeping in my sons bed (that NO ONE sleeps in but him). Her medication has slowed the cancer. She can now swallow comfortably. It is hard to believe that she is ill. We are told that this is temporary and the cancer will come back with a vengeance. She isn’t a candidate for chemo and an operation will spread the cancer further. Tika has been given 3 more months to live.

I apologize for the amount of space I’ve used. I am not begging for sales. This is something I needed to get out. I feel Tika is deserving. We have had animals pass before. Knowing what is coming, knowing we have to make “that” decision doesn’t make it any easier. She is not just a dog, she is our friend, our family, our child.

Thanks for listening.

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