Redbubble Archery Meetup - Photos

Well I’ve just rolled through the door having filled my face with an obscene amount of food at the RB Melbourne Archery meet – what an awesome turn out!!

Here are a few of my fave pics from today…

I hoping nobody has an issue about their pics getting posted – if you do, let me know and I’ll remove it pronto :)

The line up (1)

The line up(2)

The line up (3)

The line up (4)

Chris checking out the competition

‘Everyone’ paying attention

Tony preparing for the kill

Yours truly, courtesy of Mr Robb

Number 4

PLV taken down

Bows at the ready

On Target

It took a while for Paul to realise that arrows were required…

Melinda and her very own “Red Bubble” :(

The Queen and Miss Cups :)


The archery’s behind you!

Queeny C taking aim

I’m gonna be in trouble for posting this one…

Mark G in a less compromising position

James cheating by stealing other people’s arrows

John R poised to fire

This time with a bigger weapon…

Middle name Danger

Schnizzle sizzle

Thanks for an awesome day guys & gals!


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