HDRs and Fringing...

As you can probably tell from my profile, I’m a bit of an HDR addict, but one issue seems to crop up over and over again, and was just wondering if anyone else out these has noticed the same issue, or if it’s just me?

Whenever the HDR I’m processing has a really high contrast area (say the edge of a window frame in mid day sun), I always end up with really pronounced purple and blue fringing in my HDRs on these edges, when viewed at 100%. There’s no visible fringing on my individual exposures, so it’s kinda confusing me. I can remove it in photoshop, but it’s a royal pain, so was wondering if everyone else suffers, or if I’m doing something obviously array…

Any ideas?

If it helps, I use Photomatix, EOS20D, and for most my HDR work the 17-40L.



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