lilith 1 set adrift


look though the texts
not just of one but of all
and you will find
a mold
a owl
a snake
a demon
a killer
a thief
a temptress
with bird like feet
in fleeting waters
that is mentioned
in all
one form or another
or in all forms
as the first
to walk the earth
not with man

but alone some wrote
other state she was created
the same day as adam
from the same mold
which made her equal to
made form the same substance
that was equal and unchanged
as they were made the same
so why
do the texts proclaim
she did wrong
to say she was equal with
and sent away

to be demonized in our eyes
that would wreck havoc
on the garden
that god adorned
and treasured
and from that day on
she was the one

who tempted eve
with the apple it is said
in a partly snake like form
slithering through the tree of knowledge

it was the naive in eve
that adam wanted
that scorned him in the end
for that rib she was created from
was his
eve was to be docile
in the garden
but knowledge she lacked
as adam did so in effect

tempted eve the naive
lilth made a choice
knowledge or everlasting life
the fruit from the tree of knowledge
lilith chose
for knowledge is power
even among those who do not

for eve it was told was to be dead
from the fruit from the tree
but she did not die
as she took the bite
she lived and gathered more
to share with her husband
they ate one bite and another
soon realizing more about
one another
as adam would soon see

they would share the fruit
and hide
not from gods wrath
but how they
on the outside and on the inside
for the first time
leaves to hide themselves
in their bodily
they knew to
also had to hide
from the voice
for what they had done
for they did not want him to know
but he did know

and out of eden
they were shunned
as punishment for what they had done
no begging or pleading
by either one
could stop them
from having to leave
the ease of life they had known
for know they had knowledge
and were afraid
the wrath was harsh and still lives on
till this day
as well as the curse of childbirth pain
scavenging for

one bite away from becoming
a god
as the tree of life
would have created
everlasting life
and that was not to be

sin was created
and although adam and eve
were human
and no longer live
time has past and their
of that
red so it be
an apple we see
we live with though today
as sin
was to be created
from them
they went on to multiply
but from that bite
everything changed
for them
their children
for us who walk today

for lilith
to travel throughout the night
and release men’s inner fluids
to spawn her children
that would die
for 100 more per a day she was
said to give birth
and 100 a day were eliminated
for her children
were demons it is said
she is said to have even mated with
the devil himself
and she goes though the night
stealing mens damp excreted thoughts
creating more
that walk till this day
as lilth’s offspring
is still here
with us

in her many forms
she tried to become adams equal
she was scorned
she tempted eve
and orginal sin
was born
but her pain
bore the curse of
stealing babies while they sleep
haunting the pregnant
for a loss she is said to cause
before birth
said to have drank blood
and shape shift at will
to disguise herself
to blend
to hide amongst all of us
in her forms
so she can continue her wrath
which was bestowed to her
and her alone
is she real
is she a myth
she is written
does that mean
she exists
does that explain
all of of the wrongs
she has been claimed
to have done

but her original one is said
to be equal with man
for that is her start
of her fleeing off
and was the red fruit
that she gave to eve
not one of a sin
but to give her knowledge
from within
that she, lilth possessed
from her creation day
yet eve did not
did eve not have the right
to think not follow?
as did lilith
or was it lilth’s
way of making
all that was
a creation to be
as she had the knowledge

we see owls
who speak in the night
we see snakes
that their being we have a natural fear
we hear of vampires that only arise at night
baby’s die in their sleep
men have wet dreams
in your mind now
do you think it is
lilith and her offspring?

lilith 1 set adrift

Earhart Chappel Inc.   IPA

Jefferson, United States

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

lilith.. was she or was she not the first on earth, or the first woman on earth. do you believe she existed?

Artwork Comments

  • Mark Ramstead
  • Earhart Chappel Inc.   IPA
  • Mark Ramstead
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