r duran thank you !!!!

thank you d for all your kind words in your fab interview for “tease me baby”.

p and i miss you and ek. too much most days. longing to be back in oz. where the sands make me feel grounded and the waters clease my soul.


1. what do you enjoy most about being on Redbubble?

Well… I have to accept the I’m addicted to RB… its an amazing art community… and I really like the fed back specially when it comes from others artist that I admire…
also check out different work and techniques.. also I meet some of the most interesting people… and the most amazing experience was when I meet Tara Chappel on RB and one day she decide to come and visit me in Australia… with her beautiful daughter… for almost 2 months.. that was the most amazing time… that wouldn’t be possible without RB…

2. What is something we don’t know about you?

Well… I’m Mexican… living in Sydney.. that isn’t that common, but everyone gets surprised when I mention that I spend 3 years living at the seminary… back in Mexico… after that my live changed. I’m also architect and normally I don’t charge for my photography… Almost all my work is been for free…

3. If time, money or family was not hinderance……where would you go for your next vacation and why?

Nepal, Tibet, India, and after that around the world… :D I love travelling… I consider myself a traveller and not a tourist… I just find amazing the lifestyle… the landscapes… the colours the traditions… I would like to see other realities… open my mind… meet new cultures… eat different food… smells new perfumes… I just love the fact that something is new… and I get surprise… Do u know what I mean???

4. If you were single, who is one person you would love to “hook up with” and why?

Have u read the “Justine” from the Marques of Sade… well… her… I love dark and sexual energies… even when i think that I just attract good energies… I wish to be in contact with the dark side of this world… but for some reasons that doesn’t seems possible..

5. Your favorite TV show?

I don’t really watch that much TV… but ask me for movies and I could mention 1000’s

6. What do you like about modeling?

I love the beauty and style of the models… and the passion of been in front of the camera… but what i really love is that they allow me to caption that instant… and they work with me with the idea about doing something beautiful… I also love the trust that the models give me as photographer.

7. One artist on RB you most admire and why?

TARA CHAPPEL … l learn a lot for her… she change my work and my attitude… she can work with a candle and a piece of fabric and make it look professional… love her creativity… and she does everything to accomplish her goal… love u Tara… LOVE AND LUST FOR YOU.. :d

8. What do you hope to accomplish with your work/art?

No idea… I just need some kind to express myself… I don’t really think that one day I will live or work as photographer… so I just want to enjoy the pleasure of being behind the camera and enjoy the trust of the models… also enjoy all that beauty that is out there…

9. What is your favorite work that you have done?

This was one of my first photos at school… and I have a lot of feelings for it..

Thanks for everything…


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