living and learning and owning up

traveling and not working with earhart. has been such a change for me. i have noticed so many things about my self and my photographs, and me as a photographer.

a. i am not tec brilliant, something i have always known. but so clear, now that i do not have my crutch (earhart)
b.i shoot .. and the way i do i am so hard, on my angles, on what i ask of the models, on what i ask for in the photo in myself. the soft beauty one sees in a woman’s form. i push it. to bring a harsh side to her or to her through her surroundings.
c. i need to learn. to start over. to bring out the soft in my works..and stop being so pushy to get something that does not need to be brought out, and control myself to shoot someones soft beauty.
d.i need to re learn. and re learn again all the tec stuff. i let fall by the wayside. stop depending on editing (i lost all but lightroom when i got to au, so i am now forced to, but it i know now happened for a reason, and a good reason at that)
i need to re learn all the tec stuff, earhart always did for me, when we worked together. i depended on earhart, and i did not realize how much i did until i started shooting here in oz.
i need to re learn. that i can shoot. in any light, in any room. and not say well i could not get the pov or the light was not good.i am or i thought i was a photog. so there should be no excuses.
e. stop blaming my camera/ equipment for not being good enough. it is me. not my equipment that is the issue. (as i have envy for those who have the equipment i so desire, as i see non photogs with better than mine.. but its not the camera, the lens…it is me and either i can do it and do it well or not)

so this is my journal today. to mark the fact.. i always say make it work. yet now, i am not in my little town in vigiinia.. i need to stand on my own 2 feet , and stop and own up to my flaws.

thanks,e,d and to tony ryans class.

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