READ outside appreances makeing judement based on ..omg.. photogs read!

today we had a booking with a model. it is the first time we have booked a teen, with her mother as a guardian on site. ( i chappel demanded the mother be on site the whole time, as i stated i , nor earhart would shoot if a parent was not present at all times in the room)
the shoot was to start at 11 am. the mother politely called and said they were running late, and had just entered town at 10:45. i commended her for her phone call, and stated politely we would wait no problem.
when they arrived, there was a man present with them which i did not know of, nor expect. mr earhart has a dog that does not like men. i immediately told mr earhart of the mans earhart placed the dog down stairs and stayed down while i talked to the mother, daughter and male companion.
the girl was very young stated she was 17, only to find she as 16. but i knew that prior to today. and as in full knowledge of it.
the mother and daughter had both seen our work on line and loved it. i spoke to the mother prior to today in great length about her daughters portfolio, as today we were shooting tfcd. i always like to help the models out anyway i can, to include the items they need along with what i want to shoot.
i told the mother i thought it would be of a great help to her daughter if we did pics for her, that would apply for use in a comp card, as well as work on having some great head shots. i also spoke to her, stating it would be great to show her range as a model in today’s shoot… all was perfect and 100% a go. based on our works here on rb and my discussion with the daughter and mother on several occasions.
in my ad (casting call on model mayhem i stated i would only be in town for another couple of weeks and then would be leaving, i have had an amazing amount of response and am almost booked for every day till i depart).
since i am leaving. earhart and i’s studio situation has changed. earhart now has all my furniture and props, so he is all set up here in his new studio hen i depart.
we started shooting here 3 weeks ago and all has been running smoothly.. all was going cool.. models coming in and out. i have been busy on a movie i have been working on for the last to weeks. and have been shooting or doing hair and make up almost every day.

so back to today. a mother , her daughter and some guy showed up late , but were polite enough to phone us. when they arrived they clothing the girl was going to bring as no where in sight. (notice issue 1). mr earhart kept his dog down stairs and we talked in the office in a bit and went into the studio to talk more. ( notice #2 lasted total of 15 minutes).
as i know most people need to “see” ideas, not just have them explained, i had several examples, of the looks i wanted to do, (notice #3 a comp card, a gap ad , and a shoot from vogue not alt at all!).
after asking earhart if it was ok to go back to the office, i asked them to follow me. which they did, as i wanted earhart to come in and talk too.

prior to earhart entering the room.

the mother informed me they would have to be leaving as they had many errands to do in town…
i. was speechless yet not. and held my tongue.
as mr earhart came up the stair we were making our way to the door.
as they left they politely said goodbye to me. quickly leavings out the door, earhart had to go back down for the dog.
when earhart came back up. he asked me “where they were” and i told him.
“gone, they said they had things to do in town”

with that earhart got upset, as did i. mainly i was upset at myself, as earhart now uses “this space” for his studio as i am leaving town.

as i am 100% sure, had we been in our old studio. today would had not gone down the way it did.

i needed to voice this out for earhart and my self. as our work is our work.
why does the outer appearance matter so.
i feel very sad today, as i feel like even though, i have given him all of the tools(all the studio furniture, wardrobe, etc, i have to help him, others might still not be happy.
he has a full office with 3 computers 4 counting my lap.
wit a modern leather sofa in it.
a full studio room with back drops etc.

yet today.. something was a skew.. i know what it is. and i told mr earhart, if it was me 3 years ago, i might have done the same with my daughter.

realizing “the superficial” perfection with today’s economy. is an impossible one at best here in virginia.the “make do” with what one has… does not, count..

i have joked here on rb, about my ohh so cheap shoots, / concepts.. we are broke earhart and i , and have been since we stated shooting together…. and barely making it week after week.. but its the truth.. and today with the 3 of them walking out the door, only confirmed, a sight i was hoping not to see….

our work stood on its own. that is how we have always gotten work. and now with the econ…well i needed to write this for earhart and for me.

t chappel

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