our models easier way to find them!

Earhart and i have been very lucky to work with the below models on a ongoing basis.since our portfolio here has gotten so big i wanted everyone to find there favs easily.

the talented

kathy boui / kb
she is very versitile and has many looks. an elegant poise is always seen, even in a samll glimpse.

courtney / co
she has been a blonde a brunette, a red head.. and more, amazingly versatile

megan meade / mm / megan / meagan
her looks range as well, but she always has an “indescribable something” in her photos

ali /ac / a
a dark haired femme fatale that i look forward to working with more.

katy / kc / k / ck
a petite little thing with a 50’s fire!

penelope / pc / p
my little love miss p.

we have worked with other models. but these are our main ones.they have changed and grown. as have earhart and i (chappel).
an it has been such a pleasure working with all of them.
its easier to search by there names if you like to see anymore of their works.

thank you


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