Bad habits

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to journal posts or blogs, or whatever else we intend to call these things. (First bad habit)

I haven’t solidly advertised or built any advertising campaign around my designs either. (Second bad habit)

So what’s my excuse? (Third bad… you get the idea)

Bulking up for a film role at the moment. Happily managed to put on 7kgs. (I’m now 75kgs. Might need to run a few off though)Mind you though, I’m not on any specialized diets or training regimes. I hope to have the character as ordinary as possible. Muscle built unintentionally, rather than all steroids or protein. (Through natural work-related habits)

I’m still unsure as to whether or not to go skinhead or not… or even get tattoos, but I’m sure hair and make-up departments will handle that.

Till whenever, take care peoples.

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