Spider’s web

The old man had been driving truck for over twenty years. In his travels during this time he had seen many amazing things, so when he spied the spider’s web on the side mirror of his rig, he paid it just a passing notice. He was sure that after a few hard highway miles, the web would be shredded by the fierce winds.
The day and miles passed; the sun now was setting above the frosty mountains. Exhausted, the trucker pulled his eighteen-wheeler into the parking lot of an all night truck stop restaurant. There in the upper berth of his cab he entered into a gentle night’s sleep. The next morning he was ready for the next leg of his journey. To his surprise another delicate thread hung from his side mirror. Could it be that the same spider made this web? Impossible! The wind around the mirror would have quickly blown away the tiny body of a spider. It was just mere coincidence that another spider had chosen this same site to build its home. It did not really matter, for the old man knew this new web would also be gone by the end of day.
Lonely miles swiftly passed until it was time to stop again. He pulled into a deserted rest stop casually glancing at the side-mirror, the web was gone; the trucker settled down for the night.
The next morning the web was back! In utter amazement, he wondered how a little spider could survive the highway winds and come back to repair its web. He looked closely at the mirror, and then understood. The mirror was cracked; there was a chip that extended to the frame of the mirror. In that fracture he saw a small spider hiding. It stayed close to the break pressing itself tightly into that tiny fissure. It was just large enough to allow the spider to slip behind the glass of the mirror when the truck was in motion. The ingenuity and audacity of that spider now intrigued him, and he began paying more attention to its actions. He observed that while the truck was at rest the spider would repair its web, but as soon as one of its many eyes caught any object moving toward it, or it sensed cab door opening, it would retreat to the safety of the crack. During the trips it would remain tightly wedged in the crack. After all was again calm after the trip, it would come out and again repair the web. He watched this process for a couple days.
A number of times he watched as the laced netting ensnared a victim. The spider would dart out, paralyze the victim, then retreat with its prize behind the crack.
On one trip, he nearly observed the spider’s untimely demise. The trucker had just made a short stop at a rest stop. The spider was waiting for evidence that the truck had come to a lengthy stop, when an insect became trapped in its netting. It darted out to secure its prey. At the same time the trucker came back to the truck and started out. The spider was in the middle of its web when the truck began to move. At first it seemed as though the spider would try to ride out the furious winds in the middle of the lattice, but soon it and its kill were violently gyrating in the wind. It probably could have easily reached the safety of the crack if it had abandoned its kill, but it was unwilling to do so. The old man wondered if he should slow down or pull over to the side of the road, so that the spider would have a chance to get back to the safety of the crack. But the road ahead was narrow with no shoulder and impatient drivers behind him prevented a stop or slowdown. The spider would have to survive on its own.
As the old man watched the spider, it slowly began to drag its prey, centimeter by centimeter, closer and closer to the safety of the crack. He was filled with awe by the spider’s determination. Finally, he sighed a sigh of relief as the spider successfully returned to the crack with its prize.
Two weeks had passed and the spider still managed to survive the daily journeys. Then one day the old trucker noticed that the spider was not in its usual hiding spot. He thought it might have hidden behind the mirror out of his sight, so he entered the cab and headed down the road on the next winding leg of his journey. This day he was to travel through some rugged mountains. He had been traveling for about an hour when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his leg. He looked down and saw the spider scampering across the cab’s floor. It had bit him. By the time he looked up again, his truck was seconds from entering a sharp corner. He suddenly realized that there was no way he could maneuver through it at the speed that he was traveling. With all his strength he bore down on the brakes. Wildly his rig jumped and pulsated as seizing breaks took hold. The harsh screech of the brakes rang through the valley floor and echoed in the hills. But all his effort was in vain. He and his rig plummeted to the valley floor.
By the time the rescue team reached the rig, the old man had passed away. The report stated that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel and had plummeted to his death when the truck failed to navigate the corner.

As the last rescuer left the scene he glanced back at the rigs still intact side mirror. He was surprised and filled with wondered at the sight of a spider’s web hanging from the mirror. He thought it odd that a tiny spider could have spun a web in such an unusual place in such a sort time.

The end.

Spider’s web


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