First Feature Univers d'Artistes

I am very honored to have been recently featured by Univers d’Artistes and Christian St. James, and humbled to be included in such company.

First Feature

“Yes, David Winge has a special connection to the desert. His hard work in outstanding natural landscapes bring us the very best of an unknown nature where his wonderful (and beloved, as you’ll read it) art models seem to pose with an endless creativity.

Each of his photographs gives us a lesson in harmony and grace. His compositions are powerful, mostly inspired by his deep passion for the deserted lands, last peaceful territories in a world full of stupid frontiers and absurd barriers.

David is a devoted artist like I love them ! No need to hide it. I’m sure he can’t live without his camera !… For all these reasons, I’m proud and happy to welcome him.

Thanks David to make our world such a beautiful place."

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