Chapter one--

Bianca stood on the edge of the bridge, her heart beating loudly within her chest, her palms sweating,
her whole body trembling, tears streaming from her hazel eyes, dripping from the tip of her small nose to fall one by
one silently into the rushing water below.
“It’s now or never,” she quietly told herself as she grasped the railing with one hand, wiping her face with the
All the hurt, pain and anger would soon be over. All the eyes full of pity that looked upon her everywhere she
went. She could still hear the conversations when they thought she wasn’t listening. ‘The poor child, having to watch
them tortured and killed like that.’ ‘Her poor mother, being pulled out of her daughters arms on the brink of death’.
She couldn’t take anymore of the whispering, the way they pitied her. She took a deep breath, then slowly climbed
over the railing to stand on the trestle twenty five feet over the the rushing and angry river. Lost in her own grief, she
did not hear the footsteps that came up behind her. Staring longingly down at the water, she let loose of the railing
with one hand. Her heart beating more rapidly now, she closed her eyes and let loose the other hand, plunging into the
open, hungry jaws of the waiting river below.
The hooded figure strided slowly to the railing where Bianca had taken the plunge into the river. Raising his hands,
he slowly pushed back the hood of his jacket, revealing slightly pointed ears and sliver black hair as shiny as a diamond
that has been left to sit in the sunshine. A small grin crept across his lips as he looked down into the river where she had went
under. He reached into the pocket of his pants and removed a little gold ring and tossed it into the water below and then ever
so slowly turned and walked away down the bridge, whistling as he went.


She cautiously opened up one eye to look at her surroundings. All that she could see was a white wall that looked like
the last time it had been painted was back at the turn of the century. A small movement caught her eye and she opened the other
one to get a better look at what it was and where she was. She was lying on a bed, covered with the reddest silk sheets that she
had ever seen, and pillows that were as soft as freshly mown grass beneath her feet. She turned her head to look at the rest of
the room. It was not a very big room, just big enough for the bed, which was a king size, the desk that stood in the corner over by
the only window that was in the room, and a small dresser right by the door. There was a notebook upon the desk that looked
like some kind of journal or something of the sort. She tried to get up but found that she could not move. ‘What on earth?’ she
thought to herself. She looked down at her hands to see if she was bound with something. Nothing. Her feet were the same way.
But she just couldn’t move.
Just then the door opened. She lifted her head, the only part that she could move, and looked towards the door. Who she
saw was not someone she knew, though she thought that she had seen him somewhere. Maybe in a dream perhaps? His hair was
as black as a ravens, perfectly combed with a straight part down the middle, reaching down to the base of his neck. His eyebrows were
just as black, and shaped in an odd sort of triangle that met in the center of his forehead. His eyes were as blue as the ocean and had a
shine to them that seemed almost like he wore stars in each one. Then she noticed the slight points on his ears and her eyes widened.
“Ahh, you’ve awakened,” he said, his voice sounding like birds singing.
She did not speak, just lay there staring at him with daggers in her eyes, blaming him for her predicament.
“Don’t look like that, it is very unbecoming of you, Bianca.” The sound of him saying her name surprised her and her eyes grew
“H….how do you know my name?” She asked quietly.
He slowly walked over to the bed where she lay, sitting down.
“Now then, how can I not know your name? You are very important to me and my people. You were brought here to help us. We
have watched you since the day that you were born, Bianca. Your mother, she was one of our people,” he said, looking at her, and she
could see teardrops forming in his eyes.
“No……. she…. she couldnt be…. she’s…….. gone,” was all that she could reply.
That apparently did some damage, because the tears that were forming in his eyes before suddenly fell down his cheeks and
onto the sheets on the bed. He bolted onto his feet and looked down at her, his eyes becoming rounder and a little harder to look into.
“Elizabeth was….. well, she was my wife very long ago…… and then the dark sorcerer used his dark magic and sent her to the
mortal realm where we brought you from…. and now after a hundred years he has came back, that is why we need your help, Bianca.
You are our only hope to stop him from spreading chaos throughout our world.” With that, he quickly turned and left the room just as
quickly as he had come in.
She just lay there, thinking about what he had said. Her mother? But how, and why? It all seemed so strange to her. What did
he mean, mortal realm? And what of her mother, married to this…. man? A million questions raced through her mind as she lay there
wondering and thinking about what the man had said. It could not be real, she must be dreaming. But I can’t be dreaming, I jumped into
the river, why aren’t I dead like I wanted to start with? What happened to me to bring me to this place?


He did not know what to do. She just lay there on the bed sleeping, or in a trance he couldn’t tell. As he looked through the little
peephole in the bedroom door, Michael’s thoughts wandered back into the past to when he was with her mother, Elizabeth. Oh the scent
of her brilliant brown hair, her beautiful green eyes that could make any man’s heart melt with just one look. Her skin as pale as the sand
on a deserted beach. His thoughts drifted back to that one night when everything changed between them.
…….“You told me that you killed him,” Elizabeth accused him, " You told me that he wouldn’t be a problem anymore!"
“I couldn’t do it, Beth, it was… well it was not right to kill him just because he defected to the sorcerer’s side. He is my father!! How could you ask something like that of me?” And with that, she turned to face him, fire burning in her eyes.
“How could I? How could I ask something like that of you? You dare presume that it was I who made the order to kill your father. You presume that it is I who cast away my love for you to burden you with this dreadful task. It is not I, it is the Queen herself who made the order, I am only merely here to see that it is carried out, no matter who has to do it,” she retorted, tears flooding her eyes with the last words.
Michael could only stare at her. The Queen made the order? His own mother? How dare she do something like this! Command her own son to commit such an attrocity that would tear the royal family apart for eternity. How could she do this? He turned from Elizabeth, walking out the door and slamming it shut behind him.
That was the last night that he had ever saw Beth. All the anger she held for him, all the love that he held for her, all of it taken away in a single moment in time. The next morning he had heard that she had gotten captured by the sorcerer and sent to the mortal realm. Seventeen mortal years have passed since that night, and his daughter lay there upon the bed, not knowing the truth about her birth. Did Beth ever tell her who she really was? Or did she just take a mortal man to wed and pretend that he was the real father of the child? He may never know the answers to these questions, for Bianca says that her mother is gone.
He heard a noise and it brought him out of the past. The messenger had returned from the castle it seemed. He looked through the peephole once more then turned and walked down the passage to the door.
“Michael…. it is I, come from the Queen…” he heard on the other side a voice that seemed as if its owner had ran all the way instead of riding his horse.
He opened the door, to find his messenger, Jonas, standing there, gasping for to catch his breath.
“Where is your horse, Jonas?” He asked.
“It got spooked and threw me about 10 leagues back….. it was…. was the sorcerer in his animal form that spooked him. The dragon,” Jonas whispered,“he’s back.”
Michael’s eyes widened at what he heard. The dragon. The only form that the sorcerer could take. It must be him for the rest of the dragons dont exist anymore after the Great Battle. His plans would just have to be moved up to insure that the sorcerer did not try to rule the lands as he did last time.

Chapter one--


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