Edmund Edwards

Rosebery, Australia

Edmund, A VCA graduate of film and television in was born in Hong Kong and migrated to Australia in 1987. A VCA graduate from School of...

intro to Australian lifestyle

At the moment i am producing a collection on Australian health and fitness / lifestyle.
My first gig I organised was a bootcamp late last month in Sydney The Domain, was instructed by a model from the Army, along with 12 other models ranging from age of 18 to 52.

Though i have never shot anything of this scale and style, it was a trial and error for me in terms of what to look out for in the style of clothing the models need to wear, the grooming and presentation. At the same time I was able to see which model photographed well and I can use them for other lifestyle shots. It’s a bit like a bonding exercise for the models and the chance to work together as a group and for me to work with them for the first time.

Here is a preview – Bootcamp

The next group fitness I am organising is a yoga shoot at Sydney Park in November. This time I am a lot more prepared and strict with the presentation, I like the unity of it.. Yoga – everyone will be doing the same pose at any given time.

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