Passed Features--and using a Tutorial on HOW TO

Using the concepts so clearly provided in a Tutorial, I decided to showcase my passed features that have appeared for me as a journal entry. The tutorial provided by D R Moore was succinct and easy to follow, thank you D R Moore—you are an inspiration.

Photography has always been a keen interest for me and I have enjoyed playing over the years using some pretty good equipment. It was during a trip to USA when I had gone from a Nikon film SLR to a digital point and shoot, that I started to get the “I want to be in control” bug. The next trip saw me with my Nikon D80 and 2 good lenses (Nikor 80-200 and Sigma 17-70); and I have had a ball ever since.

Thank you to those who have thought my work worthy of being featured. These have been my favourites for many years, taken with different cameras.

Journal Comments