Photography, choices and business...

I’d like to get some opinions on this even though I do kind of know how I feel.

I registered my own photog biz focusing on dog photo commissions.

Now I think – I don’t want to anymore, and I feel guilty for that.

The truth is, the idea of being a business and having to promote, and then take photos for other people – I don’t think it suits me.

Has anyone given up a business/career they were good at but just didn’t enjoy?

It is already hard to find the time for photography, perhaps it would be better to take the pressure off and just take photos because I want to – photos for me.

I do love taking dog photography and meeting different breeds and dogs, but I guess I am a “fade into the background” type photographer – not the type who is customer service oriented.

The idea of also coming home to process hundreds of shots doesn’t interesting me anymore either.

Anyway this is just a vent of sorts, but would be interesting to see if anyone else has felt similar.


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