Gorilla Series - Special sale & Conservation

As you can tell by my portfolio, I’m an animal lover and get no bigger buzz in life than I do from photographing all animals – large, small, domesticated and wild.

It saddens me to realise that every wild species I have in my portfolio is under immediate threat from extinction. That we could some day live in a world without Gorillas and Orangutans is frightening and devastating. My reaction is to use my skills to bring awareness and funds to conservation efforts. We must do what we can.

Recently I donated some of my Orangutan photos to be used in an auction to raise money for BOS (Borneo Orangutan Society). It is simple things like this that can help raise both awareness and money for such a vital cause. I hope that everyone who loves taking animal shots considers donating some of the profits to a worthwhile charity.

I now present the following series, photos I have taken of Western Lowland Gorillas. I will donate 20% of the total profits up until end of year to:

The Congo Rangers

These guys risk (and often give) their lives to protect wild Gorillas.

These are the photos currently on sale and form my Gorilla series. Click on the link to buy either a laminted, mounted, framed or canvas print or greeting card. Send cards to people you know asking for help and highlighting a Gorilla charity of your choice!


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