Tada- i did it!

omg i got my lip peirced. and it didn’t hurt at all,i didn’t even feel it. I’m really mixed emotions on it though. some time si look at it and think oh no Taryn what have you done! cause it’s a hassel at the moment, like getting in the way, having to clean it all the time to save my self from infection.. yes lovely inffection on my face just what i want! and it hurts a bit now when i touch it… which is often. And then in other times i’m like wha thats so cool i love it, i can’t wait to get more rings and studs to use with it… so you see my problem. but i won’t take it out, nope no way, not now any way, i’ll live with it for a year and if i’m having negitive thoughts about it still after all that i’ll take it out, but for now i think it’s just a case of not being used to having a peice of metal in my lip.

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