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Holey Moley… You turn your back for a few days, and look what happens. I am humbled by having 5 of my pinhole pics featured in the Pinhole Group. As it happens, I was away with extended family for a few days, and took the 35mm pinhole cam along for the ride. I was planning a shoot-off with my nephew and his new 40D, but it didn’t happen. I did take some portraits of bemused family members though, so will see if they’re good enough for uploading here. I had to prove to some of them that you could take pics through a pinhole, so showed them the RB set, much to their amazement. S’funny – folk accept that you can have a wee bit of treated silicon in a plastic box, and get pictures out of it, but film and a pinhole is obviously harder to believe in!

Season’s greetings to all on RB – have a great 2009 :)

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