Travelling pinhole Canon

I’m planning to send a ‘travelling pinhole camera’ around the world; are you interested in taking some pics with it?

Inspired by Hamish Gill’s Travelling Yashica project, I have decided to do something similar with a 35mm pinhole camera—the one that made this image among others.

The basic principle is that you can request inclusion in the list of participants, and once you receive the camera, you will have a certain amount of time to shoot a film and send the camera on to the next person on the list. Then you have your film processed, and send me scans of some pics—say, at least two.

I’ll fill out the details later, but copyright will remain with each photographer, while I will have the non-exclusive right to reproduce the images once the project is complete. I’m thinking an ebook at this stage, but ultimately, this is just for fun, to see what a bunch of unconnected people do with the same camera.

If you’re interested, make a comment below, and I’ll BM you to pass on the details, once I’ve got everything worked out.

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