"George" wins the Best Toy challenge in Paws n Claws - YAY !!

A HUGE thank you to the hosts, Cherri, Susanne & Kristy and all the members of the Paws n Claws group.
George has won the Best Toy challenge, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Also for making me featured member !!! Wow, this is all amazing ! But then so is this group and all the people associated with it. I apologise I have been a little distracted of late.

George is ok (ish) at the moment. We had a long conversation with his vet last evening and the outcome is that they want to do more tests!! George is having good days and bad days, but what is giving us hope, is that there are more good days lately.
That must be due to the prayers and good wishes of the groups hosts and members – even the vet can’t account for the change in the better !!

Again, my thanks to all who voted and everyone involved in Paws n Claws.


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