quantum relitivity and its effects on quantem chaos

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one day a being was born from the chaos

his name was odin the force known as wharggg or is his mistress

after the creation of the observer being the free instentanios transactions occering across vast waves of space..

caused a relitivity ripple of vast and violent means

the first thing the observer observes stays static like a navel…

but once one thing is static othher things interact with it,

so the thing appering is an ovserver lets call this a partial observer…

the reason it is partial is becouse it is not alive in our sence..

however all things have scentience in the quantum order of being..

for as to quote myself :

“eny object with a large enuff pool of quantum stats in which random fluctuations occer..
self writes its own awarness”

For eny order of monkies can theoreticly create a song or write a jangle or creat punch art .. lol
So it is with all things…

the creative force for our existance is relitive observation quantime forces just about obay this rule..

this is why a sertain unreality can seep into creation for all life is observed by observers,

Be it us or , monkies , seals ,butter flys etc

infact it matters not which order of intelegence a being comes from life orders matter

however acordingly let us say a question ..

if the being is quantum that is to say never certain about every thing is that being less or more likely to trap matter into one state or another,

for the sake of argument :

Ruperts theorum of intelegence orders
" what is intelegence and its definitions of meaning and crafting "

premise there are diferent levels of certanty in which a being might observe the universe :

QUANTUM Inteligence :

a quantum being is uncertain but totaly dynamic all possibilities occer to it and are likely as a percentage nothing is hidden from it and almost nothing stated.


beings of flesh are semi uncertain all actions are learned as a neural net
as we know a neural net becomes more and more profoundly acurate,
but glitches occer regulerly .

a cup of tea can be lifted meny ways = all means of succeding are true,
Some are prefered for ease and use.

this is a “variable dynamic percentage” system,
like a tree root or my water computer
or my anagigic computers


a pure machine logical and 100% certain this being will see what becomes something 1 or 0 all other gradients are remander ot error :

IF error certanty must be true or false and errors are thought of as noise

IF Remander = TRUE THEN ERROR = Equivalant to Solvable percentage
becomes true or false over time.


makes a neural net logical , it is beautifill and proud

maths stats :
" a defined state leades to a defined output "
" apart from rand "
" rand can be defined as average and can = 0,1,infinity and so dismised or used apropriatly "

algebra :

makes the leape of :
" eny or all ocering values for the letter are calculable within parameters "
" eny object can be defined in maths "
" the simpler the equasion the more eligant it is "

logical inteligence defines questions and answers like this:

at the end of a number of " semi indefinable possing posing as questions .. ",
come answers that are " questions direct and definitive "

and from questions with direct answers come definitives,

you may think there must be more but no your at the end program is over !

“a biger and more observant observer can bring almost all quantum effects,
Into a state or silence,”

put it like this the naterle stat of chaos is love and power chaos makes all things,
and only a protest vote creats certanty.

in order to be here a vast sum of enargy expanded beond the speed of light in absolut purity of ordered chaos,

An observer put the wrench in .. in my eye the original observer need only be here for a second and amiba in size

to affect things.. this is step one simplistic observance by need,

step two creat an observer of larger portions who can ask a question or rather love some delight as a baby would..

no " mother " chaos force can servive totaly unordered under intelegent wonder,

so the univers vastly slowed down its expansion and created the second order of being,

In this stat stars form and life becomes as it is.

relitively that is becouse once an intelegence makes a choice over rules the stat takes time to enact

and effect in effect create large formations of matter for instance and then into matter.

stars or other possible forms of life apear vast leagions of time later…

actualy mutual time comparisons in unmade stace are relitive to non and all the mater is made from partnerships,

or rather the original space matter.. lumped together as we know matter is made from chaos bundles and

as lobg as we are not ovserving “spying on them” the particals of the universe are quantum.

As once was asked by philosiphers if a tree falles in the forest and we dont see it did it make a sound ?

fact of life we are not the only form of life on this earth and by extrapolation chaos is a form of life,

one deferential to us but on eny day life goes on without us,

Is a clowd in the shape of a cow with out us observing ?

I wander did you ever observe the ripples on the pond so peacefull and so logical,

It has braught meny philosiphers to think calmly that one thing leades to another one circle to another,

One action or ripple to the next.

so we would assume both :

A : one action leads to other actions

B : a small action can have large effects

C : all action is relitive

thus being so all actions logicly are neutonian or relitive… however ripples also respond to :

A : heat

B : density..

C : volume

And unless a thinker is perchance to use a lot of salt in soup ..

the deeper side of the sound ripple is not thought of

so it goes one thing reflect another and so one order of life looks like another …

its all “Relitive” but to understanding mainly

if you would like to know what humans most look like ? ask me

it is trees trees have fingers “branches” and toes “roots” as do for instance rivers,

much we thing is unique in us is just the fore burning slowly over time,

The fire crinkles and burnes even our skin,

Your relitive short time perspective never permits us to see it ourselfes till its to late.

a time snap camera makes that point with flowers , old people and small birds to a lesser extent

so what does relitivity mean to you and me ? perception is limited by factors ;

A : intelegance ( AI ) ( intelegence alows an expression to have choice and meaning )

B : vision ( hubble ) ( makes you think does hubble make mater billions of light years away relitive ? )

senses in short.

C : actions to act on a fact is to define it at the moment you tested it..

The stock market is only in the mind till you buy those shares a price is a fluctuation a random state.

proof is in the pudding, or rather the eating as the chef says

RS ©

quantum relitivity and its effects on quantem chaos


Asse Le Reboul, France

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quantum relitivity and its effects on quantem chaos

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