Rebecca Cozart

Keizer, Oregon, United States

I am a self-taught photographer who like most photographers is always looking for that unique perspective or “special something” in an...


Working together to create a product and rationing what part each person plays in the mix…COLLABORATION.

I work for the Oregon Community College Association, the lobbying group which, among other things, assures state funding is available for the 17 community colleges in the state. My job includes coordinating meetings with each of the college presidents, developing and implementing the organization’s budget and designing and implementing the annual conference and several other meetings. In that capacity I work closely with each college president.

It’s funny how things happen…a retired president friended me on Facebook and made a lovely comment about one of my photos…a women with wonderful intelligence and class….one I never thought would be on Facebook of all places. We chatted and I asked how she was doing and what she was doing and she told me about her trips to Morrocco and Europe and her sketching and poetry. I made a passing comment to the effect that “you should write poetry for some of my images”. Well, she did and we published a book. It was a wonderful experience working together and getting to know her outside of a professional environment. And I think the result is good too!.

If you are interested in having a look (and maybe even purchasing…might make good Christmas gifts for friends who enjoy poetry and pretty pictures). Click the link to view the book.

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