Calling All Bubble Friends & Family!! I NEED YOUR HELP! :o)

I just got an email from my college. The International Student Association is putting on a photography contest just for students. The entries are due no later than November 30th.

Here’s what I need from you, if you would be so kind as to help. I would really really appreciate it. Of course I have some emotional attachments to certain photos I think are good, and based on reactions from other people, have found maybe what I like isn’t the same as what is good. I need to know what my best 2 photos are to put in the contest with the following guidelines:

The Beauty That Surrounds Us
This may include nature, wildlife, landscapes, people, whatever you view as “beauty” in the world. It must have been taken within the last year (Oct. 2007-Oct. 31, 2008).

I can enter up to 2 photos. But I can’t decide what the best 2 for the topic are! I don’t know who the judges are, but if they are from my college I go to an aeronautical university where the majority of teachers and students are male and of course everyone loves flight and everything with it. But of course I’ll want to stand out.

Here’s one that I’m fairly certain I should put in.
Buzzy Little Bee

And here’s the other ones I’ve thought about:

Green Drapery

Touch the Sky

But is that one good? Should I consider different ones? What are your favorites of my work? What would you enter?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Please look through my work. I might be overlooking something that would be a great entry. Be as harsh as you can, I can take it. lol.

Thank you all in advance! I’m so excited about this contest!


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