Over 3000 Views!!

Hit another landmark… 3000 views! Must have happened sometime early this morning. :-D

Not only that but one of my photos has been viewed over 300 times… Something Fishy .

Thank you to all my friends and family who have been SO supportive and helpful.

Been rather busy lately, but I will respond to comments and your work soon. Classes have been picking up with the homework. And Dustin and I have been trying to go out and soicial more, which is a good thing. Today we’re going out to Ocala for a Polo Match (complete with complimentary wine tasting… that’s how I got Dustin to want to go! lol jk)! Of course the camera will be there hehehe… I even remembered to charge my battery last night. So expect to see some polo ponies sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you again everybody! You all are AWESOME! ♥

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