Solihull, United Kingdom

I am passionate about colour, light and movement. I love to inspire. My life is a story of inspiration and learning, and bikes. Travel...

As a child I loved to draw and paint. I took art at school enabled by my art teacher, Mr Roper, who offered to teach me GCSE in the lunch hour because the timetables clashed. I am forever grateful to him for that. Then I did A level, and would have loved to go to art college, but my C grade was disappointing so I didn’t think I was good enough. I have drawn every greetings card through my life, well almost, Christmas cards were lino prints. My brother had bikes, and I helped him with fixing them, and got a ride on the back in exchange. I rode pushbikes and horses then.
I married and raised a family, sometimes they were the subject of my drawings, notably an A1 watercolour of my daughter aged about 10 from behind in her favourite pose in the garden, and my son an A2 in oil pastels, then a baby who fell asleep on the floor naked on a hot summer day. Mostly I drew small botanical pictures when I was frustrated about my relationship, but too scared to leave. There were dozens of those!
Much later when I had found a way to feel independent (Rebirthing Breathwork) I went on to study an HND in fashion design, really enjoying the whole broad experience from concept to catwalk. I took up graphic design as a result of being introduce to CAAD during this course. While working in a graphic design studio, I decided to buy a motorbike and learn to ride. A big accident a few weeks later (leg crushed by a drunk driver, the subject of a book I’ve written) resulted in many decisions including training to run a pain clinic, and taking my bike test (as soon as I could, 2 years’ later) on a much bigger bike, so I could get out of any tricky situation in the future.
I met my new man while recuperating and was inspired by him to upgrade to a Ducati 916, iconic and graceful thoroughbred of the motorcycle world. I rode many miles on this beautiful beast, loping along at high speed, with utmost joy. I call these bikes rocket angels. We took a trip to Poland on our bikes, and this is pictured on the front of the book Indestructible Soul: How I decided not to die, one of my favourite moments in the Tatra Mountains.
Recently I have been working through a habit throughout my life of letting other people, particularly experts, dictate against my better judgement. After some of these lessons I realised that I really wanted to express my drawing. I played with oil pastels and learned some helpful techniques, drawing from imagination, finally feeling I’d found my medium. Now I find myself drawn to expressing my love of big twins on a larger scale at A2. I currently have a Honda Firestorm, very reminiscent of the Ducati 916, and the opportunity to draw 2 Troy Bayliss replicas, the 998 and 1098R (which I delivered to its new owner by riding it across Europe) which I am loving!

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Nature from my bicycle

I love my bicycle, it takes me to wherever I need to go locally, shopping, visiting, and most importantly it takes me outside along the roads and tracks in this lovely summer weather, where I can draw, paint and create. I am inspired by the beauty and colours around me, and I enjoy creating beautiful pictures. I am creating series at the moment, those at the field’s edge have been made, and…
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Biking weather is here!

It’s the time of year when all the motorbikes get out, and you can enjoy the grip of your tyres on the road in the sunshine. It’s also the time when I ride my push bike and enjoy the hedgerows, the views in a different light and decide which new subjects I’m going to paint next. I have lots of natural subjects, flowers in hedgerows, traditional farmhouses, country views and the …
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As Colourful as I am

It has taken a long time for me to realise that this is what I’ve always wanted to do, to be creating art for a living. Along the way I picked up lots of ideas about what is suitable to be working at for a job, even if I were self employed, it had to be helping people in some way. I did this for decades. And I also see how art is something that people have struggled to make a living from in…
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Summer's coming

So Spring is here, I’ve been out cycling in shorts, hooray! And the seagulls are wheeling outdid my window giving me plenty of opportunity to study and draw them. So more of those will be appearing in my portfolio soon. I am really enjoying getting into this creative phase of my life, it’s been a long time coming. I am writing new kindle titles as fast as doing new drawings, it’…
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