Faith in Simplicity

From day one, centuries of human development has manifested to what we so easily accept as reality. In order to understand today individuals one must look back at the way man has deciphered what is evident in contrast to what is not. Past endeavors prove to show a recycling consistency of what and how we accept as reality. In essence, the way in which our future generations are formed starts with the attack of the innocent mind, our children. History and how the legends are perceived differ from what is an absolute truth.

It is quite logical to concur that the heart and its functions sustain life. Ruminate on a question that involves thinking outside the box for a charged moment. What part of the hearts function mitigates life, the beat, or the silence between? In a general survey, eight of ten participants chose the beat in pure convictions without a thought. If the beat was undeniably the popular determination, what station does the silence between hold? The beating relates inversely to the time between each one.

Therefore, if motion is life the absence thereof is death. Fundamentally, half of man’s born days are not just living but dying as well. With surety and experience, the majority of society would consider this adaptation as crazed and outrageous. Motion as it relates to its counterpart is an involuntary security; it can be examined and used.
Whether it is crazed or rational depends on the individual discernment of one’s inner comprehension regarding the boundaries of acceptable enlightenment. The above analogy probably contradicts science in many ways. It was by choice to use the philosophy as a disassociation within some the realms of the scientific community, but with all due respect. This brings about the downright oxymoron man has entangled himself in since the centuries of old. To have an answer is in the makeup of the human mind. Theory, hypothesis, inconclusive evidence, even filling in the blanks blindly are respected terminologies for scientific academicians. Unsure explanations are welcomed and held as truths in the quest to understand everything, even if it has the same factuality as the tooth fairy.

Children in America are set up to fail and told tall tails in order to glamorize the evils involved in the overtaking of tainted purple mountains and majesties that crowds cheer for at sporting events. From kindergarten to high school, our youths sit in rooms that are by no means inviting. The curriculum that instructors are forced to teach are deceptive feel good tales of the battle between good and evil. The dilemma is quite disturbing when looking back to childhood and realizing just how much time and energy was wasted in being fooled by twisted half-truths in order to save face for criminals of the highest degree. Christopher Columbus the folk hero, The Holy Puritans of Jamestown, The American Revolution, all parts of U.S. history. Columbus the murderer, the thieving Puritans of Jamestown, and the forcing of revolution by greedy businesspersons are the contradictions criminal factions hid away in well-organized inspirational songs and eloquent literary promises.

The mixture of fiction and fact somehow become truth if repeated enough times. It is also customary to accept outlandish concoctions; believing in false securities. That is the raw beginning of man against the improvable. One who possesses realistic thought would question the determining factors that explain the time line of the dinosaur age. Stating that conclusive evidence proves a timeline from 60 million years to present is a great example of man filling in the blanks. All the fancy machinery and lab tests along with the infamous theories and hypotheses would plainly end in a result. Most situations do. If a rock is thrown behind the back, the one who is throwing can guess how far it flew without looking. It is still a result. Without information showing a beginning and an end, research cannot prove any findings as fact. In cases such as this, the oxy-moron educated guess is used as a tool to fill in the blanks. It is ridiculous to trust otherwise. Without a detailed account of the earth’s life, an absolute truth is not obtainable. Obviously, it does not take a rocket scientist to conclude this simple fact.

It is the absence of simplicity; men have overanalyzed countless subjects cheapening imagination and creativity. In quest for truth, was it his boredom or faith that enticed the everlasting search for a higher power? Was it awe of the earth and its glory that held their belief without question? Debating the subject would entail the lack of ability to see otherwise. Biblical studies reveal human interaction God. Presently, others would argue as to why this type of relationship is not still evident. Why then is Greek Mythology taken as legend and can be taught without molestation? History proves that the worship of the gods of the past consisted of much more vigorous worship than The God of the Bible. This example is directly identical to the Christmas or Easter holidays. The acceptance of Santa Claus and his pet rabbit are much more prevalent than the birth and death of Biblical Jesus. This is not a religious discussion; the point is the example of the human trait to hold back from truth and formulating a version of it. It is having trust in what man can see in contrast to simply having faith. Man made gods also have no power to punish. They hold no strength, except what their constructors put in place. This is still a tactic used to this day. It is the practice of adjusting worship in order to make it comfortable. All existing religious classifications have sects that branch off them because of the wish to justify shortcomings. Catholic authorities pronounce to be believers in the word. Still, they change what is unacceptable by God’s law to avoid political frictions, such as homosexuality. (This is in no way a judgment or opinion, just factual dictation.) Another example of man filling in the blanks to fit a situation how he deems fit. If enough will follow, truth is only a forgotten past.

Mother Nature configured herself in a way that the inhabitants of this world can utilize the life giving bounties she has made ready. An animal is considered to have instincts that justify the simplicity of their biological make-up. It is not common to witness any contradictions regarding the actions of an animal’s life. Even without trying to analyze the prior statement, one could decipher it is the environment that constitutes the circle of life. Is it plain truth in all its grandeur, or scientific phenomena? To prove a point, a housecat, who had never been outdoors, was let out to the porch to explore. From that very instance, the environment changed. Its perception of the surroundings enabled its raw need to be a cat. While in the house, she stalks the fish tank. She cannot keep her sights away from the turtle upstairs as well. Her entire way of dealing with situations rose to a primeval level. Daily interactions are challenged as a predator, not pet. This whole understanding of the cat’s change in attitude is to plain to go any further in the subject. Without a 50,000 dollar grant to play with a result was found. The cat’s actions were what a cat does. That is what all cats do. Why then do humans as a whole have too go any further in order to understand?

How much more energy could be used searching for morality and ethics if the vane attempts for truths that hold no bearing regarding survival were just understood to be just the way things are? It has been the pitfall of the earth and all who dwell within to allow hate, violence, racial conflict, and genocide. Nations will commit crimes against humanity of indescribable proportions without any immediate consequences or conflict by other lands. The moment money gets into the scene naval ships are dispatched, planes are in the air, and adolescence are given guns and pushed into the line of fire. After which governments hit the media informing the public of their security being at risk. Twisting the matter further, patriotic hoopla is fueled by sad stories of third world oppression and poverty. “Where did these vivid images come from? How did the media obtain them so quickly? We have got to do something about this right away,” the public exclaims with surprise. It is frustrating to be a witness of such deceit and the belief thereof. Anyone who thinks that situations such as these have gone on without prior knowledge needs help. It is not the fault of the individual to be somewhat boggled. As was stated before, from day one children are lied to at school and given false information regarding the common good of man. Society is in search of those said heroes of the past, the legends of our youth.
Try to find a historical story with unmolested information that changed man for the betterment of humanity with a positive result, and without war. This is not a challenge to find single entities that spoke for those who had no voice. It is to locate a conflict where both sides sat and decided a real change and worked together to make it so. Attempt a search for any story of peace talks that were not an oxy-moron or paradox. It cannot be done. John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., and even Christ stood for an existence that guided life from this path. Did they ever reach a result that ended? No they did not. Reason being, is that within their isolated issues, enforcing their will contradicted the subject in which they spoke. They all professed peace until the day they were violently assassinated.

As centuries have become eras, and humans have self-justified their position to be the creators of their constant elevating existence, lost appreciations of what is real overtakes eons of confusing fact from fiction. Simple adaptations regarding what is absolutely insurable have been lost in the quest to have an answer to every question that arises. Adults have carried on a game from youths unknowing the fact. Asking, “Why,” every time a statement is made. Why after why after why, becomes irritating after a few seconds, and the child is usually pushed on to another too do the same thing. In a stadium filled with nothing but scientists, with the same child, playing the same game relentlessly, would get to the same point as the one who pushed him toward another. The only answer, after all avenues have been exhausted, is going to be identical to what was told by the individual, “Because.” So why did they not just say so in the first place?

Faith in Simplicity


Santa Ana, United States

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Often times we believe as we are told without searching as to why. The endeniable need for man to fill in the blanks that instructs a mind to accept outlandish falsities. Lets think outside the box and question outcomes, instead of reading degrees hung on the wall.

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