Who Woulda' Thought It?

Of course when the captain chose the four to float to safety, the plan was torn apart the very second he died, and the gun sank into the abyss. The four, the selfish and self serving, reverted to animal instinct before the last of the faces were swallowed alive, and perished. Not even aware of the mixture of world-views involved within the living, in many ways the quest to live was doomed from the start. The four that the captain chose to live on that stormy night, as the yacht split and gave way to the overwhelming waves, were just the right choices, in a humane point of view. Just the same, Davey Jones had no preference as to which he accepted on the ocean floor. Anyone that has any sense would have known the others would not just sit by and wait for the eminent, death. As the waves crashed, and hell set the scene, those thieves, these judges of peril, unmistakably squeezed through the portal of the damned, and rowed on into the unknown. With the outline of promise coming closer, the horizon began to bring forth the hope for life, as the little raft floated on toward shore.
At the start, the captain had separated the living from the sacrificed, by the point of a riot-pump shotgun; he had two shots left. The Dane family, and Father Frans, were to go on and represent their faith. If in fact they were the last to survive, they could pray for the souls that were given up that night. There was no wish from anyone to have the Dane family split ways. With Bobby having the strength of two grown men, and needing the special attention from his parents, it was easy for the group to agree at first. Having one Jew, and one that does believe in the social concept of God and Creation, Father Frans was chosen to represent the wide variety of the religion, all claiming to be Christian. Because of his vast knowledge of taking the lead role in situations involving faith and conviction, he put himself in charge from the start.
She went by Mrs. Clark when she boarded, on the morning of this demon driven storm. She put on the act of total conservative throughout the day, nodding and smiling, as she lay glistening in the sun. It was only when she faced the terror of this decision to give up and die, that she became Miss. Clark, a 180 degree turn. She had noticed the boy staring at her, as she played with his imagination, not aware to what degree this poor lad was stricken. He would be a wise choice to use as a tool, due to his infatuation with her, and his brute strength. Just by her views, and the way she disregarded her upbringing, should prove that she would adapt shrewd intentions, when caught in such a pickle. Daughter of a minister, dim decisions regarding relationships, and the want to be a spectator of the fall of man, Miss. Clark would easily switch over to primal instincts, which always means, survival of the fittest.
Bobby Dane had no emotion on his face when he watched his parents struggle to stay a float. He had been born needing special attention, being of low I.Q., and imbalances in the brain. One of his shortcomings, involve a very strange affection for the opposite sex. He had been watching Mrs. Clark all day. Taking advantage of the situation, Miss. Clark whispered in his ear, and just as soon as his parents set foot in the life raft, they were twisting in the waves, ten feet away. This action delivered Miss. Clark from the murky deep, partnered with a brute that was blinded by love. Bobby Dane has no idea of the extent of the situation. He has a mental impairment, and is being taken advantage of, by Miss. Clark.
Father Frans kept his place on the raft. When it came time for the ultimate take over, he assisted in making martyrs of the few left, still attempting to live. He makes himself believe that through his living, he could justify the lives that were lost. He saw his chance when he saw Bobby toss his parents overboard. With all the fancy dictations a priest could bring to life, swelling the width of his chest, he blessed all involved according to their part in the seen. After which he noticed the pages turning toward his war to live, and employed one more partner. Putting himself in charge, and even those who are not Catholic seem to regard the words of a priest, he sought out the most logical choice, and acted quickly.
Mr. Blake is a paradox in all he stands for. He wears his outward beliefs on his sleeve, and buries his personal demons deep, in the darkest crevice of his closet. He made his intentions evident when he used Mrs. Garcia as a ladder to reach the boarding point of the raft. Father Frans and Miss. Clark lent out a hand and pulled him in. Miss. Clark knew his distaste for the darker persuasion was a front to entertain his uppity, Mormon friends. Mr. Blake had forgotten the wife and kids at home, when he saw Mrs. Clark’s dark, brown skin, teasing him in the sunlight. Even as the world is crashing all around, he still took a few seconds to fantasize being stranded on an island with her. Not to mention the need for further empowerment, now that his house in the suburbs is paid for. To exchange all the successes within the rat race, for the adventure of the moment, handiness in the outdoors could surely be of use.
All the rest, a sacrifice that is both accepted and justified, are dead. Mrs. Garcia was pushed down and away from the wreckage; her baby Jean, held tight in her arms. Dr. Gonzalez and Mr. Newton found a support in one another that took the pain from death and replaced it with beauty. Mary Evans died frightened and alone, on the other side of the boat. Dr. and Mrs. Dane died astonished that another human could take advantage of a boy like theirs. Dr. Dane finally came to terms regarding his belief of a higher power, and was swept away as he prayed.
The raft did make it to shore, as the day cleared the storm from existence. Four souls remained to take on Mother Nature, and all her splendor. Bobby Dane did not care for the advances Mr. Blake relentlessly made toward Miss. Clark. Blake’s neck was broken two hours after reaching shore. Just as the serpent brought certain death to Adam, an insect he had never seen before, bit Father Franz, and he died a very brutal, painful death, after six days. Miss. Clark was a bit too unsuspecting around Bobby. Bobby just wanted to give an innocent hug, and he broke her back. Mrs. Clark’s death was quiet and lonely.
Bobby went to find help when he hurt Miss. Clark. He forgot all about her when the lady on the rescue boat called out. He just shook his head in a general nod, when they asked if there was anyone else. If Bobby did not cover Miss. Clark with all that vegetation, the rescue team may have found her. That is what she gets for using Bobby as a tool for death. Bobby, the only innocent, was rescued, and lived. The bringers of death experienced what they so gladly dealt out. This may be an extreme account of events regarding the question of who lives and dies. Given the history of mankind, and all his reoccurring messes involved, a situation such as this may not be to far from the truth.

Who Woulda' Thought It?


Santa Ana, United States

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Artist's Description

This work was a challenge given to me. The idea was to pick four people to live while the others greeted their demise.

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