My Greatest Achievment

Within the realm of one’s life, the achievements made can be great or small. The way an individual defines said successes range from one mind to another. When most think back attempting to find such conquests, generally material possessions coincide with what defines as great triumph. (Webster’s Dictionary), defines achievement: “To bring to an end, to accomplish, to obtain by effort.” Should the number one achievement in life be a situation that is used so easily in the past tenths?
A greatest achievement, if one would really were to sit and ponder on the subject should be defined as an instance that causes an ever changing, positive trend that is led by mind, body, and soul. By all means, to set goals to obtain the things, or station in life, are necessary for the sanity of most every one. Said achievements, (or material goals), are usually based on obtaining objects, or increasing the funds to do so. Breaking the human being down to the rawest form will show that the things desired, more times than not, are not needed to sustain life.
More in depth of one’s desires, unfortunately it is a rarity that one considers the greatest quest is to retain a positive outlook towards humanity. To wake every day and tell your self, “This day will be the greatest day I will ever have!” To have a personal foundation, and having the ability to appreciate the similarities, as well as the differences, the many colors this wide world provides for us, is an accomplishment most get in a blurred account of hit and miss.

What are my greatest achievements? The relationships I hold dear. The realization, and understanding, that I am in no way perfect, nor is the world we live in, and invite the struggles that are introduced, and accept it. The ever-growing zeal, to strive for, and stand strong in my beliefs, without trying to impose them on anyone who crosses this wondrous path set before us. And in conclusion, holding on to the simple things in life, not taking it to seriously, because we will never get out of it alive.

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