Looking back ...

With the new year starting I thought it’d be a good idea to have a look at how I’ve been shooting over the past year or so .

For about the last 4 years I had been using a Nikon D70, I upgraded to a Nikon D300 in August 2008 …

61.63% of the shots currently in my Lightroom catalog were taken with the D70. and already 38.36% with the D300 (I think I’ve been bracketing much more and done a few more sports events)


29.93% with the Sigma 10 – 20 mm
27.94% with the Nikon 18 – 70 mm
1.86% with the Nikon 50 mm 1.8
and 40.25% with the Nikon 70 – 300 VR

The most used aperture is f 8.0 followed by f 10.0 and shutter speed 1/500 of a sec.

Its also obvious that I tend to stick to ISO 200 as much as possible, though that has changed a little with the D300.

The 70 – 300 and 1/500 shutter speed can probably also be attributed to sports shooting.

So now what?

Not sure at this stage, but I’m hoping to get out some more and attempt a few more panoramas, as well as trying a few things from strobist

2009 should be an interesting year!

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