My perception on the day (copyed from myspace)

“wasted days and wasted nights”
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Well it is only 4:30, but it feels late. I was suppose to go to work today, but that did not happen bc my boss called it off. So instead I did a lot of yard work.. which I appreciate and somewhat enjoy. I listened to my ipod (what a great invention) all day. I actually ran about 3/4 of a mile. So that was nice… oh while I was weed eating I found 3 baby bunnies… and they were so fucking cute man. At first I thought I hit one bc he let me get so close, but he was fine. then while I was spreading fertilizer I was thinking.. why the fuck am I spreading chemicals all over this already beautiful yard?? I mean i just seen these baby bunnies, might these chemicals in this fertilizer (which clearly states to wash hands after contact) might be detrementel to ecologoy cycle of this small enviroment on my grandparents place. I mean are not weeds themselves beautiful I enjoy blue bonnets and indian paintbrushes, daffadels, daisies, and dandeliens. There is several beautiful colors in the weeds.. I mean come on IT is not called WEED for no reason right?!?!?! Well it’s not my lawn and I am just the dark skinned hard working grandson so I do what they want. and while I’m venting…. Lemme tell you ’bout this place I just got back from. It’s called H.O.P.E (Helping open peoples eyes) It’s a requirement I have to go to for getting caught with grass in jail. Now this is just some bullshit program geared for some polition (I can’t spell that word you know the D’s and the R’s but mainly the R’s are pieces of shit… or George Bush is anyway) to say look what I did. Man the whole thing is rigoddamndicoulous. First I tell them my life story… there’s some good news! lol! Then I sign some god foresaken paper saying they can’t tell anyone about anything I say/do in there except for the small print which states probation,D A, police, and anyone else in the Big Brother network of evil conspires. I thought that was funy. I sign it anyway… what choice do I’s a requirement of probby. It should be called D.O.P.E.D (Defecating On People Every Day) bc that is what it is a whole bunch of the government’s bullshit they dump on little guys that defy their system or thinks for themselves or goes against the norm in anyway.. America..Land of the Free my ass. I had to put on some music I was getting way too amped up… but I’m not done yet. then on the way home bc ofcourse I can’t drive until I take some ridicoulous class that cost like $110, then pay another $100 to get my license in Garland… and then pay $1200 a year for 3 years to just keep the motherfucker. A license for driving I understand that some people don’t need to be on the road, but give me a fucking break. I mean a lot of people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents, but you don’t see the government making a license for the requirement of that. anyway on the way home I thought of all these finaces I have like probby, court cost, the whole DL thing, insurance, I pay rent to live with my grandparents.. (god when typed that sounds terrible), and gas now-a-dayz isn’t the cheapest. and I don’t have the greatest job.. I mean I think it is and it’s the best job I’ve ever had, but there isn’t a lot of hours, and being a felon it’s fucking hard to get a job anywhere, so it’s not like there’s much hope…. I mean I don’t know if I can even go to school bc of it…. I mean who’s going to give me a loan??? surely a bank will, but who knows. This whole godforsaken country is hellbent against pot smoking felons. I think… HELL I KNOW it’s easier to just go back to jail, and not pay all this shit and not have many worries other than if the gaurd will let us go to rec. and at times like this It makes me want to go back to get it over with.. but the small things it worth it out here… My good friend JC once said “Be faithful in the small things because it’s in them that your happiness lies”. He’s fucking right… brilliant guy.. hope he’s doing good. Well I’m going to lead the “Holy Crusade” (what a load of shit those were, but mine is different it really is holy) against our government, and marijuana reform. I’m writing my book and reading all I can…. but there’s got to be more one can do. I know there’s norml and safer and other organizations… but I need some suggestions… Sorry this is so long, thanks for letting me vent myspace and friends. that may have just saved me from breaking my fast from alcohol…. but then again I know there is some ice cold great tasting after a hot day of working always smooth bottled MGD’s in the fridge… ummmmm.. yep. Namesta

Until Next time….. I remain…

Alone in this fight and making my way to the “icebox”

My perception on the day (copyed from myspace)

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