An Inconvenient Truth

Reviewing the photographs I have taken over the year on Artwanted that includes some unique and exotic plants reinforced my thoughts about the need for all of us to take action to protect our environment that includes all the species, plant, animal and human that are threatened by the continuing destruction of our planet’s ecology. Botanical Gardens are the grand museum of plants. There are some beautiful gardens in Los Angeles, especially at Griffith Park, Huntington Museum and several others. I remember as an undergraduate student at UCLA, finding the beauty of the UCLA botanical garden as a way to relax and experience the wonders of nature. One of the most beautiful displays of exotic plants and animal life is in Hawaii in the rainforests, especially in Hana Maui where I experienced my first natural rain forest. Another remarkable memory is my visit to New Yorks Botanical Gardens. I appreciate their impressive role as worldwide leaders in studying Earth’s plant life. I marveled at New York’s garden that contains the world’s largest collections of plants. Visiting the various botanical gardens I mentioned was before I discovered digital photography so now, I would consider touring the gardens as an unparalleled feast. The museum is one of the leading educational centers for gardening and horticulture in the world. The gardens are alive with opportunities for discovery, from an “ecotour” of the world to an innovative indoor/outdoor science museum for kids to 50 exquisite gardens and plant collections on a 250 acre National Historic Landmark. Botany is a fascinating profession or hobby and sharing this photo with some others that I took at the small-untended garden in Beverly Hills yielded some beautiful pictures. Now I want to revisit the botanical gardens I saw many years ago, especially the botanical gardens at UCLA many years after I completed my undergraduate studies. It will be interesting to see how I perceive and capture photographs of botanical gardens with the technology of digital cameras. My years as a student in college during the cultural revolution in the 60’s was an exciting time in my life that can ever be repeated. There were plants that intrigued many people during that period, but you would not find them at the Botanical gardens. :) I visited the NYC Botanical Garden many years later and wasa very impressed with the research center and one of the leading advocates of for the earth’s plant kingdom. I have always been a passionate advocate of the preservation and protection of our precious animals on this planet, both domestic and wild including our abuse of marine. I am a passionate advocate of the preservation of animals, domestic and wild including baby seals, polar bears, wolves, primates, wild horses like mustangs, bengal tigers and other animal life that could become extinct as a result of mans cruelty and ignorance towards other species. Mark Peterson’s stunning portrayal of Tigers is a dramatic view of these magnificent and powerful species. I donate the profits of my photography to the many charities that seek to protect all animal species, the rain forest any organization or individual that threatens our delicate eco-system. I think anyone who is invested in our planet and has the means might consider donating part of the proceeds of any sales to their favorite charity. It is a way of stating that you stand behind your advocacy of whatever group you choose to support. The amount you donate no matter how small becomes a large amount if everyone would contribute to a cause as critical as saving our planet. If people understood how important these issues are to our survival as a species, they may take more of an interest in preserving our ecosystem, especially when they take the time to understand the far reaching ramifications of global warming and how our destruction of our planets environment threatens all life forms including HUMANS. Garden specialists collaborate with governments, community leaders, conservation organizations, and other scientists throughout the world to preserve rain forests, develop ways of sustaining natural resources, and discover how plants can be used to create medicines to cure a variety of diseases. Education is important for those who do not understand the importance of preserving plant life to protect the future of our planet and the quality of life for humans, especially in light of the environmental crisis that faces our children. Our current administration has continued the destruction and avoided the warnings of scientists about the potential destruction of our planet. Education is the best solution to the problem. Everyone should be required to see the movie, An Inconvenient Truth that ultimately brings home Al Gore’s persuasive argument that we can no longer afford to view global warming as a political issue-rather, it is the biggest moral challenge facing our global civilization. Al Gore has devoted his life to educating us about the stirring truth about what he calls our “planetary emergency” before it is too late to reverse the destruction to our ecosystem. Humanity is sitting on a time bomb and Gore pulls no punches in explaining the situation in frightening detail supported by facts and dire future predictions. There is no excuse not to watch the film now that it is on DVD or even to download parts of Gore’s dedication to this massive environmental crisis by doing an Internet search to read and download information about the movie. It certainly is a wake up call and although I would love to preserve the beauty of nature, especially those species that are threatened by extinction, what is critical is to understand the grave and global danger we face. According to scientists we have about 10 years to avoid a global catastrophe. I believe that people may ignore the destruction to our precious animal life and put plants in the rain forests at an even lower priority. However, I hope when they learn that destruction to other species also destroys our potential survival as a species by massively altering our vital ecology affecting human life, people will listen. People tend to care about their own interests which unfortunately is a character flaw that too many share; many people would rather avoid these issues while decent compassionate people are fighting to preserve life in every form. The only way may be to alert those who believe these issues do not affect them is to make it mandatory in schools to educate the young and their parents about the looming threat to human survival to capture their attention. This movie has accomplished that goal and goes beyond politics to appreciate a man, AL Gore who has dedicated his life to a last ditch effort that has preoccupied him since he was an idealistic college student who now presents us with a jolting eye-opening and poignant portrait of a man who may be one of the most misunderstood men and political figure in modern american life. In this movie we see a different man who is funny, engaging and passionate about saving our planet as the clock keeps ticking towards the possibility of a major catastrophe of epic proportions that we still have time to avert. Once the myths and misconceptions are revealed to the ordinary man, Al Gore’s fervent crusade to halt global warnings deadly progress may finally be understood and action taken to prevent one of the most serious crimes of our time.

An Inconvenient Truth

Julie Marks

Los Angeles, United States

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