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You have not seen my photographs since I arrived to live with Charlie, Julie, Lillian and their adorable dogs, Molly and Mikey. I want to present a more formal introduction of myself since for centuries, Gypsies have been the object of much fascination and little understanding. I have deep appreciation for Julie and her family for their open hospitality and interest in learning more about our ethnic group that has been subjected to so much ridicule and prejudice. The cultural construction of our world view-our understanding of reality and the moral force that understanding carries with it is filled with wisdom and a powerful healing source. I was fortunate to be born in a bender tent near Manchester England, to a traditional Romany family who could satisfy my curiosity with their wisdom I spent my early years in a horse-drawn wagon. I eloped at 17 and moved to Australia, where my husband and I made a living by fortune-telling, hoal mining, hawking, gold fossicking, and working the fairs. Dr. Marks was most interested in me since she has studied the Romany tribes and found a treasure trove of healing, magic and divination. Our recipes, charms and lore have been passed down through the generations, a heritage that helped me develop my own power and enabled me to help other people, through healing remedies, magic and for us who have the gift, fortune telling and palmistry. I have been teaching Julie he power of harnessing zee energy that offers the power to attract good luck, protect against curses, harness the powers of the planets and read nature’s omens. I know there are many skeptics that might not believe in our ancient traditions and ability to read tea leaves and see what is revealed in a Crystal ball. I know that raw emotions are powerful stuff when directed properly, especially love and hate and that is why the Gypsy curse or blessing is so effective. It also has been fascinating to know that Lillian, Molly’s Grandwitch and I have more in common as persecuted women over the ages and that is part of why I think Julie wanted us to join together to share our wisdom and healing secrets given the chaos and destruction in modern society. The Gypsies first introduced many of the new age beliefs that have arisen as people search to find healing and comfort in a world lacking emotional and spiritual communion.Gypsies are justly famed for their psychic powers and the ability to curse or bring good luck to those that cross their path. Some say that these powers are innate, bred through a bloodline, but it is also true that the very nature of Gypsy life gave me the opportunity to develop my powers naturally. Some nights Molly and Mikey go outside with me to observe the wonders of the night sky, and the miraculous working of the earth. I know the secrets of animals, an important part of our heritage and I have enormous respect for their uncanny behavior, brains and cunning. I would not have chosen to trade my nomadic life and experience without finding a family open to understanding and respecting our culture. Each day brings a new revelation, which causes me to look at the world though shamanistic eyes. I have told Julie that she has powerful psychic powers and she has acknowledged her fascination and attraction to Shamanic practice and belief. Although having a strong and rational scientific background, she has shared powerful experiences with me that reinforced my belief that thro ugh mentoring, she will feel more comfortable with the paranormal experiences she has disclosed in our long talks. I have seen or felt the presence of elves, ghosts ghouls and other mythical creatures including alien life forms. All these things are part of my everyday life, but if I tell anyone outside of my tribe, most people stare at me with skeptical eyes often conveying a great mistrust and ridicule of what I have perceived. My mission here is to help Julie develop more confidence in her own psychic powers and in doing, she can help more people to live a more joyful and satisfying life. Since she is a healer in her own right what I offer her can only enhance her skills. I make a distinction between a therapist and a healer. One may have gone to school and learned theories and become psychological technicians without the power to heal. Although Julie does not belong to any organized religion, she was once told by a very religious Orthodox Jewish Psychologist who she supervised a very interesting observation. This very wise and very spiritual woman told Julie that she believed that she was one of the most religious people she had ever met. Surprised, she asked why Hanna made this observation? She simply replied that the definition of religion is the art of healing and she knew nobody who fit the description better than she did. Julie told me that comment had a strong impact on her. I agree and over time we will how my Gypsy Magic affects her belief system and how it impacts the many people she has worked with as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for many years. Julie told me that she read a book by Brian Weiss, Many Lives and Many Masters that turned a scientific Psychiatrist who graduated from Harvard into believing in phenomena that could not be explained with his patient Katherine. His experiences challenged his beliefs and greatly influenced his openness to learning about what would seem to many too difficult to believe. We both have read his books, but his first one had the most stunning impact especially after treating patients for over twenty-five years. I will be sharing with you very interesting information and I hope to dispel many of the misconceptions many people have about our beliefs and culture by informing you about facts, not fallacies and significant information. Until I share more information about my life as a Romany Gypsy, at about 80,000 and 100,000, we are the second largest group and live in all parts of the United States. Romnichal families in Texas figure 10,000 in that state alone. As we have become more politically aware and work in a wide range of professions unlike the stereotype of the fortune telling Gypsy at a fair, a one dimensional view of our diverse culture. Professor Ian Hancock, a linguist and Professor is himself a Romnichal/Lovara Gypsy is a United Nations Representative for Gypsies. A major issue for him has been recognition of the fat that Gypsies were the first group targeted for genocide in Nazi German. As a result, over one-half million Gypsies died in Europe died during WWII. This one issue of recognition in the Holocaust has galvanized Gypsies from all over the world. Various groups, including the Romany Nation, have been pressuring the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, a federal agency created by congress in 1080, to include Gypsies in the Holocaust memorial. I have always been active to improve whatever I can as a result of the injustices not only of my tribe, but my hope that more people can be aware of who we are and what we stand for. Without education there is no power to make important social, economic and political change. I also would like to use techniques and skills learned over a lifetime and have shared some innovative techniques that have contributed to the treatment of Dr. Marks’ work with her patients.I have been dedicated a lifetime to the healing arts and offer psychotherapy the gypsy way. I don’t know how much of my information is used by traditional therapists despite the fact we are known as healers and masters of the Tarot. We do not look into a crystal ball and tell your fortune at carnivals to earn money as we were compelled to in the past. I admire Dr. Marks’ commitment to helping those less fortunate since there are numerous people crying out for help who do not have the resources or money to afford treatment or be directed to the appropriate resources for a variety of health conditions. I have printed out her e-mails from her webmail @drjuliemarks@mentalhealthconsultation.net that usually derive from internet posts on the mental health, psychopharmacology and pain management health boards. Thanks you so much for reading about me and I hope to offer you some useful natural remedies that are not a replacement for sound medical advice. Given the image of Gypsies being wrinkled and weather- beaten, you may surprised to notice the glow in my skin. I had a wonderful Aunt, Marrilla May. In her youth she had been a great beauty; it was said that a famous artist wanted to paint her as the Gypsy Rose, but fears for her virtue put a stop to that. A few little Romany beauty trips can lift anyones spirits. If any of you are interested in Marrilla Mays face cream, please do not hesitate to contact me. Fondly, La Senora Belladona

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