First entry here at red bubble

Hopefully not the last…..

So far the comments / responses to my art photos have been positive! Thanks so much! I’m hopeful that someone out there likes my eye for art in photos and images.

I spent the day doing husbandly duty (cleaning, cooking, babysitting, etc..) but still had time to run around and get some hopefully decent photos. Maybe some (1/2) will end up here…who knows.

The fall leaves are in color now…unfortunately it’s been really windy here so the leaves that have been in color are falling rapidly… hopefully the winds die down and let the rest change color soon.

Right now my biggest debate is whether or not I sell one of my d200’s and my fuji s5 and use the proceeds to purchase a D3… probably won’t do it for a while…though.
I’m just remembering the banding issues with the early D200’s.

Well enough for today…It’s been a good day overall.

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