How to Find Interesting Photo Subjects When There Are None

I am certain every photographer (and artist) goes through stages of drought when it comes to finding new inspirational moments or events to capture. It’s certainly not an easy undertaking to constantly produce artistic work; and if you have limited funds, limited chances to travel to interesting places, and few essential tools for your craft, then the journey becomes even more frustrating and the photographer may become disillusioned.

Here on RB, and elsewhere, I have been asked on several occasions how and where to find inspiration for creating new and interesting picture moments. And, I have answered them.

Well, now to follow up, I can add….additional ways which I keep my creative juices flowing (for my art and photo work) all the time is through museum and gallery visits, endless curiosity into poetry reading and writing, studying literature, photography, writing books (I have completed 6 already [unpublished], and working on several others), computer graphics, painting, drawing and doodling, sculpture, wood carving, architecture, music, theatre, movies, interior design, garden design, and just getting away to the forest, or trekking on foot all over the city attuning my vision and senses to constant changes of folks and things that make them tick. Always try and see the world from a new point of view.

Starting now, you can:
- Explore your kitchen cabinets, cupboards and pantry (great for Still-life photo work)
- Attic storage ….(great for Still-life photo work)
- Garage storage ….(great for Still-life photo work)
- Basement storage ….(great for Still-life photo work)
- Your backyard and garden
- Your neighbour’s backyard and garden
- Public gardens (especially botanical gardens)
- Store window displays
- Garage sales for interesting old items …(great for Still-life and tabletop photo work)
- Flee markets and Farmers markets …(great for Still-life and tabletop photo work)
- City and county fairs
- Free live outdoors concerts
- Antique shops for rustic old items …(great for Still-life and tabletop photo work)
- Old second-hand book stores …(great for Still-life and tabletop photo work)
- Old houses in an historic neighbourhoods

And so, all that being said, here is a perfect and wonderful link which goes with my post title, that should provide renewed inspiration all year-long for all every-day photographers who adore using their camera in their daily lives.

And, if that one wasn’t enough, here are some more inspirational links:

And, some help in becoming a better photographer here:

“You must see from a new point of view, one that is not programmed by what you anticipate to see. See with your sight and neglect your own objectives.”

“art is not what you see, but what you make others see” —Degas

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